A classic PS1 game makes a comeback after 25 years

The original and historic title for PS1 Fear Effect will return to modern consoles in 2025.

While many classic PS1 games like Tombs And MediEvil have made a comeback in recent times, most players probably didn’t expect Fear Effect to be added to this list, which thanks to Limited Run Games it became very long.

The game had positive reception and introduced many interesting and experimental mechanics and features for its time. And now, as also reported by Game Ranthe’s about to come back.

The original Fear Effect made its debut in early 2000 for the first PlayStation. It stood out for being one of the first games to use cel-shading for the graphics (and, incredibly, it can still be seen on Amazon).

It also avoided the trope of using pre-rendered backgrounds, instead opting for looping full-motion video. Unfortunately, with these features, the game ended up being released on four discs.

Now, modern technology may allow hardcore gamers to experience the original Fear Effect via Limited Run Games on modern and certainly more performing hardware.

A short trailer for the game was shared in a tweet with the note that the game will be available both in physical and digital editions.

The video showed that the game will be available for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. The Xbox version is absent, which angered many fans (no explanation was given as to why this was the case).

However, this is good news, especially for fans of the series. A remake of Fear Effect which some players were looking forward to, but which appears to have been the case deleted.

Speaking of past titles ready to make a comeback, Limited Run Games has decided to bring back other classics, including Fighting Force And Gex Trilogy.

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