Alessandro Bristot will not be the only player who will complete the transition from the Youth Sector to the Trentino Volley SuperLega first team in the summer of 2024. Together with him, Marco Pellacani will also make the big leap, strengthening the center backs of the 2024/25 squad of European Champion Itas Trentino.

The nineteen-year-old, originally from Udine but in Trento since 2006, represents one of the most interesting prospects on the Italian scene in his role thanks to a height that will immediately place him among the tallest in the entire category (210 centimetres) but also due to of potential that convinced the yellow-blue club to bet on him. Pellacani began taking his first steps on the volleyball courts in 2017 with Promovolley, and then moved to the Trentino Volley nursery in 2020, where in addition to the category championships he played two Serie C tournaments and, between 2022 and 2024 , two exciting seasons in Serie B with the UniTrento Volley shirt, culminating with the recent participation in the Promotion Play Offs. Last year he scored 345 points in 29 games played with the university jersey and 43 points in 5 games in the Final Eight of the Junior League, which he ended just two weeks with the silver medal.

In the summer of 2023 he had already completed his entire preparation with Itas Trentino seniores under the orders of Fabio Soli, who will become his coach in all respects starting from August. Before starting training, however, he could gain further experience at a high level by participating in the Under 22 European Championships with the shirt of the Italian national team. In these days Marco is supporting the third preparatory team for the continental tournament in Cavalese, which will take place from 9 to 14 July in Groningen and Apeldoorn, Holland, and is in the running to be one of the central defenders called up for the occasion.

“I grew up in Trento and fell in love with volleyball almost immediately, following most of Trentino Volley’s great triumphs from the stands – he revealed Marco Pellacani . The joy and emotion therefore goes hand in hand with the pride and honor of being able to join the squad of European Champions. Next season will be a great training ground for me, not only in terms of technique and tactics but also in life: being able to live alongside great champions on a daily basis will make me grow from all points of view. It’s true that I will be the central fourth, but, beyond everything, I believe it will be a truly stimulating adventure for me, also and only for what I will experience in every training session.”

“Pellacani is a boy who, due to his physical and technical qualities, can have important prospects – underlined the coach Fabio Soli ; the fact that in this period he is working with the Under 22 national team is further confirmation of what I say. Together with Bristot he deserved to join the first team and for us it is a pleasure but also a duty to offer an outlet for the work that the Youth Sector carries out day after day. Few clubs in Italy can offer this opportunity to their best talents and we are proud to be able to do so.”

Pellacani is the twenty-seventh player to join the first team after completing his career in the yellow-blue academy; he will wear the number 8 shirt.

The board
born in Udine, 27 November 2004
210 cm, central role
2017/18 Promovolley Thursday
2018/19 Promovolley Thursday
2019/20 Promovolley Thursday
2020/21 Trentino Volley Thursday and C
2021/22 Trentino Volley Thursday and C
2022/23 UniTrento Volley B
2023/24 UniTrento Volley B
2024/25 Itas Trentino SuperLega

In the photos the new central defender of the men’s Itas Trentino Marco Pellacani

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