“You can’t lose a match like this, I feel bad for Di Francesco”

“You can’t lose a match like this, I feel bad for Di Francesco”
“You can’t lose a match like this, I feel bad for Di Francesco”

“Many things make the difference in football, we did what we had to do, but there are many things to improve”. They are the words of Daniele De Rossi at the end of the trip to Empoli, which saw Nicola’s men triumph at the last gasp, thus securing their place in Serie A. Roma finished the championship in 6th place with 63 points, but had to give up their Champions League dream as Atalanta came out victorious in the home match against Torino.

De Rossi: “I feel bad for Di Francesco”

“You keep the ball too much and you can’t have seven counterattacks and not shoot, at this level you pay for it – declared the technician to Dazn microphones -. This is a match that should have ended 2-1 easily for us. It’s not normal to never have a shot on target with all those counterattacks. For next season we start again by reviewing this match. You can’t concede the final goal even with a back four. You don’t concede a goal like that. This defeat must make us reflect, it hurts. We won the match but we can’t lose it like this.”

“We spoke with the new sporting director, we discussed both the construction of the squad and some names, there is harmony, there will be time to talk and see the opportunities and availability. But tonight it’s disrespectful to talk about this, the match I saw is not a match you can lose if you want to become great. The disappointment of From Francis? I would have played the game the same way both against him and against Fabio Cannavaro. We didn’t deserve to go down as a team and as a game. I don’t favor one team or another, we don’t have to look anyone in the face, it’s our job. This goal punishes a coach I particularly respect and hurts me even more.”concluded De Rossi.

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