“Fund gives ample guarantees.” On the renewal of Lautaro…

“Fund gives ample guarantees.” On the renewal of Lautaro…
“Fund gives ample guarantees.” On the renewal of Lautaro…

VERONA – A few minutes before the last round of the championship on the pitch Verona, the ad of Inter Giuseppe Marotta he spoke like this about the Nerazzurri’s future to Dazn: “The transfer of ownership to Oaktree is now official news, I must thank the Zhang family on behalf of the entire Inter family for the money they invested but above all for having contributed to obtaining seven trophies in this cycle which has ended, if another one is open: I have already had the opportunity to discuss with the leaders of this fund and I am very calm. The ideas are very clear, it is not a hit and run fund, but it wants to plan, give continuity and stability, above all respect the glorious. history of this club. They have already acted by trusting the management and this is no small thing, I believe that we can not only dream but aspire to important results.”

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Marotta and the renewal of Lautaro

On the former president he adds: “Hear and see yourself on video with Zhang it was frequent for all of us managers, at the same time he became very passionate and as he declared he became a great fan of this team. I hope he can follow our matches, but at the same time I must welcome this new fund because it is made up of people who give us ample guarantees”. Then a passage on the renewal of Lautaro: “When negotiating with footballers the issue is always the same, it’s not that it’s frozen, we had to slow down because there are some bureaucratic aspects of turnover from one ownership to another. It’s normal for there to be a slowdown but the conditions are optimistic and comforting, At the base there is a great will of the player to continue with us and this is a principle that safeguards any type of negotiation.”

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