Final mockery for Frank Chamizo: the Fighting Federation disqualifies the referees involved in the scandal, but the Italian is not admitted to the Olympics

Final mockery for Frank Chamizo: the Fighting Federation disqualifies the referees involved in the scandal, but the Italian is not admitted to the Olympics
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United World Wrestling’s controversial decision on the Baku match: it admits the refereeing errors, but confirms Bayramov’s victory

There final joke it served for Frank Chamizo. The refereeing errors there have been, but the result does not change and the Italian fighting cannot receive the pass for the Paris 2024 Olympics: This is the controversial decision of United World Wrestling on the match in Baku, spoiled by one scandalous decision of the competition judges. The Italian Wrestling Federation had filed an official appeal against the outcome of the match between Chamizo and Turan Bayramov in the Olympic qualifying tournament for the Paris Games in category -74kg freestyle, played in Baku at the beginning of April. The match, won by Bayramov thanks to a challengehad been stained by numerous irregularities referees, denounced by Chamizo himself and by the blue staff. Not only that: in the following days Chamizo also reported an attempt to corruption.

The mockery for Chamizo – United World Wrestling (UWW) admitted serious errors referees in the match, but nevertheless confirmed the final result, with Bayramov which preserves the Olympic card won. The decision was made based on regulation which prohibits modifying a verdict already assigned by the Judge at the end of the match. The farce against Chamizo is complete: the Italian fight He had won his match that was worth the Olympic pass, before that strange challenge requested after the time has expired by the athlete who is the owner of the house, he referees they denied incredibly the points from the victory in Chamizo. Now the Federation has agreed with him, but has not given him back the qualification for the Olympics that he had earned on the mat.

“It cost me 4 years of work, it’s an injustice” – UWW disqualified the whole referee team who refereed the match, with the main referee no longer able to referee matches until 31 December 2024. Furthermore, the Disciplinary Commission requested that Chamizo be included among the seeded heads of the last Olympic qualifying tournament, scheduled in Istanbul. Too little to compensate the Italian-Cuban struggle, who vented all his disappointment on Instagram: “Thank you, UWW, for telling us what we already knew. It costed me four years of work and they were suspended for 5 months. How do these referees look at themselves? mirror? Brother, God he’s watching us all. I will continue to work hard and seek the strength to support this injustice“. There remains bitterness over an Olympic opportunity lost due to serious refereeing errors: the hope is that it can turn into competitive anger in view of thelast chance to participate in the Olympics, when a May will be held on World of qualification a Istanbul.

United World Wrestling press release summary

No change to the result for the Chamizo-Bayramov match
United World Wrestling has suspended the referees and officials involved in the semifinal match between Frank Chamizo and Turan Bayramov for alleged violations.
Despite the suspensions, the result of the match remains unchanged: Bayramov wins and qualifies for the Paris Olympics.
The Italian Wrestling Federation had lodged an appeal for refereeing errors and a controversial decision on the challenge.
The UWW acknowledged some refereeing errors, including the failure to penalize for passivity and a timing error on the challenge.
However, the UWW maintains that the rules do not allow changing the outcome of a match that has already concluded.
As partial compensation, Chamizo will be seeded into the final Olympic qualifying tournament.
The UWW reiterates its commitment to the integrity of wrestling.

Referee: Roman Pavlov – Suspended until 31 December 2024
Referee Delegate: Ibrahim Cicioglu – Suspended until 31 December 2024
Judge: Ali M. Saiwan – Suspended until September 30, 2024
Jury president: Aleksei Bazulin – Suspended until June 30, 2024
Referee Delegates: Kamel Bouaziz and Casey Goessl – Suspended until 30 June 2024

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