Rugby U18 Elite: eighth victory in the last nine for Colorno

Rugby U18 Elite: eighth victory in the last nine for Colorno
Rugby U18 Elite: eighth victory in the last nine for Colorno

On the penultimate day of Elite U18 Championshipthe PuntoPack Colorno Of Riccardo Piovan it also surpasses the Fiamme Oro, imposing itself 40-26 and achieving the eighth victory in the last nine official matches.

Yet another demonstration of strength and concreteness provided by the Biancorossi to their fans, who flocked in large numbers to the HBS Stadium in Colorno to support their boys. Six tries were scored by the home team against the second strongest team in the Championship, a feat achieved by very few teams throughout the season. The Red and Whites literally dominated the first half, scoring three tries and maintaining constant pressure on the Crimson defense, powerless against the devastating Colornese scrum. From GaetanoTanoVarletta the first goal came from an overflowing maul at 5 metres. Maul then conceded an encore in the 20th minute, this time with the hooker Pietro Fallini, good at steering the unstoppable boat of the home team. Work of Francesco Agnelli the third and final goal of the first half of the game, a nice central hole after a multi-phase well constructed by the Colorno attacking midfielders. A Sebastiano Cupo definitely found from the pitch (3 out of 3) sent the teams to the break on 21-0.

The script was different in the second half, thanks above all to the change of gear of the Fiamme Oro. The guests, who did well to score the first try of the match after a handful of seconds, then responded in the 46th, 57th and 64th minutes, reopening the match with anger. In the middle the usual personal double Gaviolionce again from a maul, with the teams entering the last five minutes of the game on 33-24. At the moment of maximum push of the Romans, throwing themselves headlong into the 22 Colornesi, 2007 took care of it Thomas Catalano to close the score, with his classic goal on the flag. On the transformation of Gloomythe referee brought the curtain down on the match, which ended with the final score of 40-26.

For PuntoPack Colorno there is now one last match left before the end of the regular season, scheduled for next year in Rome May 5th. Against Primavera Rugby Roma, bottom of the Championship, Riccardo Piovan’s boys will have the aim of securing third place in the standings.

Markers: 15′ m. Varletta tr. Grim (7-0); 20′ m. Fallini tr. Grim (14-0); 28′ m. Agnelli tr. Cupo (21-0) st: 37′ m. Fiamme Oro transf. (21-7); 41′ m. Gavioli (26-7); 46′ m. Fiamme Oro (26-12); 57′ m. Fiamme Oro (26-17); 60′ m. Gavioli tr. Grim (33-17); 64′ m. Fiamme Oro transf. (33-24); 69′ m. Catalan tr. Gloomy (40-24)

PuntoPack Colorno U18: Grim (Cap); Praises; Agnelli (64′ Giuffredi), Pettenati (64′ Catalano); Spano; Bianchi, Bertoli; Laurenti (60′ Faroldi); Varletta, Gavioli; Corazza (64′ Lenti), Ghilardi; Morelli (53′ Guerci), Fallini (60′ Capparelli), Filice (64′ Dolci). All.: Piovan, Peace
Soccer players: Dark (COL) 5/7; n° 15 (FOR) 1/1; n° 9 (FOR) 1/3
Cards: in the 49th minute yellow for Ghilardi (COL)
Points won in the standings: PuntoPack Colorno 5; Gold Flames 1


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