Because the balls from the goals in Serie A are put in a bag and what happens to them

The goal balls from many Serie A 2022/2023 matches are placed in a bag on the sidelines: the ball of the goal in question will then be authenticated, certified, equipped with a chip and auctioned off.

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Having a heirloom of your favorite Serie A team from today it will be even easier. It is indeed possible to have one of the balls with which the decisive goals of the 2022/2023 championship were signedincluding the one deposited on goal by Osimhen against Udinese for the Scudetto goal that allowed Napoli to become champions of Italy 33 years after the last time.

Therefore, having the ball with which a goal was scored during this championship is no longer an impossible dream for the fans. In various matches of Serie A 2022/2023, after scoring a goal, the referee will in fact be seen handing the ball to a Lega Serie A delegate who will put it in a blue bag branded That will be the signal that that ball will become a memorabilia that a fan can have in his personal collection.

Each ball finished in the bag will in fact be sent to the headquarters of where its authenticity will be verified and certified. After the authentication process the ball will then be equipped with an NFC chip which will guarantee its uniqueness and will also allow its owner to watch the video of the goal scored with that ball whenever he wants through an app installed on his smartphone.

At that point the goal ball will then be auctioned on the platform (which like is powered by powered by Chiliz Blockchain) in which only holders of Fan Tokens (virtual tokens) and that only the one who will have made the highest bid at the end will win.


Among those sports memorabilia that the agreement between and Lega Serie A makes available to fans and which will therefore end up in the display case of some collectors who absolutely do not want to miss the opportunity to have a unique piece of football history in their own home Italian there are the balls of the goals scored in 25 matches of the final phase of the Serie A championship 2022/2023including Udinese-Naples e the sphere of Osimhen’s goal which gave the Neapolitan club a historic championship.

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