Gender violence, a center for the recovery of violent men in L’Aquila

L’AQUILA – At the Auditorium of the L’Aquila Park, yesterday morning, a meeting to present the Cuav, the Center for male perpetrators of violence. A project which in the city will be entrusted to the L’Elefante Bianco cooperative and which was also an opportunity for reflection between professionals on the topic of gender violence.

The objective of Cuav, whose birth in the city was also supported by the city councilor Paolo Romano, and as required by the national and regional regulatory framework, is to prevent and interrupt violence, also in order to avoid recidivism. In this direction, the Cuavs are called to activate integrated programs aimed at perpetrators of violence, encouraging them to adopt non-violent behaviour, always taking due care, as provided for by the art. 16 of the Istanbul Convention, to ensure priority for the safety and human rights of victims, in close collaboration with specialized support services for the latter.

The Cuav will operate within the violence response system coordinated at a territorial level. The psychologists Rita Petrolini and Luca Rossi will be operating in the Cuav headquarters in L’Aquila. Interviews with Cristina Marcone, Coop. L’Elefante, and to Ersilia Lancia, municipal councilor for equal opportunities.

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