Regional Alpine rally in Tagliacozzo and honorary citizenship to the 9th L’Aquila regiment”


Tagliacozzo – With the raising of the flag and the laying of the laurel wreath at the War Memorial, the 1st gathering of the Alpini of the III and IV zones of Abruzzo began which will take place in Tagliacozzo this weekend of 22 and 23 June. For the parade on Sunday morning, the presence of over two thousand black feathers is expected, while on Saturday morning, after the military honors to the fallen of all the wars, the Municipal Council of Tagliacozzo met in an extraordinary and solemn session for the awarding of the Honorary citizenship to the 9th Alpine Regiment stationed in L’Aquila.

Present at the ceremony was the Commander of the Regiment, Colonel Mario Bozzi, with some officers, who collected the parchment of the civic honor and addressed moving words of thanks to the Mayor Vincenzo Giovagnorio and to the civic assembly.

This is the reason for the concession: “For loyalty and dedication to the service of the homeland in times of war and in times of peace; for the pursuit of the values ​​of heroism, moral and civil commitment, respect, altruism and generosity; for the example of self-sacrifice and solidarity during war or disaster events; for the continuity of the bond with our City, our municipal territory and our generations, honoring the spirit of social cohesion and solidarity; for the appreciation and sympathy on the part of the citizens and of all the communities to whom, with precious work, he brought aid and comfort during positive and negative events”.

The 9th Alpine Regiment is made up of a command, a regimental logistical support company and two battalions of which the first, the “L’Aquila” battalion, represents the operational pawn for the immediate rescue activities for the population in case of public disasters. The regiment, powered only by volunteer personnel, is stationed in our regional capital in L’Aquila. The war flag of the department is decorated with two Military Orders of Italy, two Gold Medals for Military Valor, four Silver Medals for Military Valor, two Bronze Medals for Army Valor, and a Silver Cross of Merit of the Army and Gold Medal of Merit of the Red Cross.

Saturday continued with a round table entitled: “Alpini in times of peace” with speakers Prof. Gino Milano and Col. Pietro Piccirilli. In the afternoon, after the Holy Mass, the ANA choirs of Isola del Gran Sasso and Celano performed a concert of Alpine songs in the church of the Santissima Annunziata.

On Sunday morning, 23 June, starting from 10.30 am with the gathering of the participating groups at the company headquarters in via delle Macchie, the parade will begin which will have its culmination in Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, in front of the Town Hall, where the Authorities present will give their greetings.

“From Tagliacozzo, in these two days dedicated to the Alpini – declared Angelo Poggiogalle, councilor and local ANA group leader – we hope for peace for every nation and therefore the end of every conflict, the hope that this peace is shared in the name of common values that the Italian Alpine troops bear witness to and spread”.

In addition to the Abruzzo leaders of the ANA, the ceremony was attended by the Regional Councilor Prof. Luciano D’Amico and the Councilor of the City of Avezzano Pierluigi Di Stefano, who conveyed their institutional greetings. Also present were Captain of the Carabinieri Marco Passamonti, Commander of the local Company and Lieutenant of the Guardia di Finanza Maria Di Prospero representing Captain Francesco Mattiace.

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