The demand for mortgages is growing in Abruzzo, in L’Aquila the average amount is 107 thousand euros

The demand for mortgages in Abruzzo is growing, with +12% recorded in the first 4 months of 2024 compared to the same period a year ago. Pescara is the province in which the highest average amount was recorded: in L’Aquila, on average, 107 thousand euros were requested.

In the first four months of 2024 in Abruzzo the request for mortgages and financing increased by 12% compared to the same period in 2023; the average amount requested also began to grow again (+6.4%) and the average value of the properties involved mutual (+3%). This is what emerges from the analysis of and “2023 – explain the experts at – It was a complex year for the mortgage market, hit by the increase in interest rates and by less economic availability on the part of families, already struggling with the increase in inflation. The 2024however, started off positively, with increasing demand, driven above all by the improvement of conditions offered by banks for fixed rates, which has generated greater confidence among consumers towards the future”.

Analyzing a sample of over 4,500 mortgage requests collected online in Abruzzo it emerges that those who applied for financing in the first four months of the year aimed to obtain on average 116,051 euros, amount increasing (+6.4%) compared to the same period of 2023. The average value of the mortgaged property is also growing, reaching 176,109 euros (+3%). The duration of the mortgage drops from almost 24 years to 23 and a half years, while the average age of applicants reaches almost 41 years (up half a year compared to 2023). Requests for subrogation are growing, driven by the favorable conditions offered by banks for fixed rates: between January and April 2024 this type of requests represented 16% of the total in Abruzzo. Analyzing the mortgage requests collected in Abruzzo between January and April 2024, some differences emerge at a local level. Pescara is the province where the highest average amount was recorded (124,264 euros), followed by Chieti (116,227 euros) and Teramo (111,537 euros). L’Aquila closes the Abruzzo ranking (107,135 euros).

On the supply front, found that in the first four months of the year the conditions proposed by the banks were overall favorable, in particular for fixed rates, with decreasing indices driven by the decrease in the IRS. Looking at the best offers available today for a standard mortgage of 126,000 euros over 25 years (LTV 70%), the fixed rates start from a TAN of 2.77%, i.e. a monthly installment of 582 euros. Even more advantageous indices for so-called green fixed rate mortgages (for class A or B properties): in this case the rates start from a TAN rate of 2.62%, with a monthly installment of 573 euros. The improvement in conditions also affected fixed rates on subrogation: today, those who want to change banks can find offers with TAN indices which, for an average mortgage, start from 3.05% equal to an installment of 600 euros (which drops to 578 euros in case of green subrogation). However, the offer of variable rates is still off the market: the best rates start from 4.60% and an installment of around 708 euros.

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