the ambush in Mattinata, in the Foggia area

FOGGIA – A man, Bartolomeo Pio Notarangelo, 36 years old, was shot dead this afternoon in Mattinata, in the Foggia area. The ambush was carried out in the Tagliata area. The police intervened on the spot.

According to what we learn, Notarangelo was already known to the police due to a relationship with a family from Mattinata, believed to be close to criminal circles.

The causes of the ambush, in true Gargano mafia style in an inaccessible area of ​​the Gargano, are still unknown but a settlement of accounts cannot be ruled out. The father of the 36-year-old killed is the cousin of Angelo Notarangelo, former boss of the Vieste clan of the same name, killed by the repentant Marco Raduano, in turn clan leader of the Gargano mafia and made confessed. In addition to being the brother-in-law of Angelo Quitadamo, Mattinata boss, now a mafia repentant. Antonio and Andrea Quitadamo – nicknamed Baffino – have been collaborating with justice for some years. The police are working to identify the killers.

Bartolomeo Pio Notarangelo had a criminal record for weapons and drugs and was apparently killed in one of the lands that the man purchased a few years ago. It is likely that the shooter took him by surprise after following him.
Notarangelo had a farm, where he also raised livestock, which was recently reached by an anti-mafia interdiction from the prefect of Foggia Maurizio Valiante. Furthermore, in 2020 he took part in the maxi escape from Foggia prison and then handed himself over to the police a few days later. in 2015.


«We are not afraid. We will not live in terror. For our community, this is a very difficult period we are experiencing. What happened today confirms how delicate this moment is.” Thus the mayor of Mattinata (Foggia), Michele Bisceglia, after the murder of 36-year-old Bartolomeo Pio Notarangelo, shot dead.
«We must respond – he highlights – by continuing to call these violent and reckless acts by name. Fearless and hard-nosed. Know it, you who undermine our history and our credibility, that this community calls you by your name, without ifs or buts: cowardly murderers. Because we don’t bow to the logic of violence, revenge, gratuitous cruelty. Because there is no logic and no humanity in leaving other children of our land orphaned. The mafia nature of this act cannot be justified for anything in the world.”

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