Prato, the map with times and route to see the passage of the Mille Miglia

Prato, the map with times and route to see the passage of the Mille Miglia
Prato, the map with times and route to see the passage of the Mille Miglia

Prato, 12 June 2024 – The organizational machine for the passage of the Mille Miglia 2024 from the province of Prato. The x-hour will start on Friday afternoon, around 5pm, when the over 700 cars of the caravan of the most beautiful race in the world will enter Carmignano, at Il Pinone. Half an hour later the landing is expected in viale della Repubblica, Pecci area, after having previously crossed Poggio a Caiano, via Roma, the industrial axis and via Berlinguer. The first cars to pass will be the 120 modern Ferraris of the “Ferrari Tribute”, followed by the full electric cars of the Mille Miglia Green. Starting from 6.15pm it will be the turn of the 420 historic cars to pass by the museum for contemporary art (around 6.30pm they will be at the Emperor’s Castle). The 11 unique model hypercars will close the event around 9pm. Returning to the route, from Viale della Repubblica the caravan will turn towards the preferential lane of Via Ferrucci. From here there will be a landing in Piazza San Marco and Viale Piave for the time control near the Emperor’s Castle. From this point onwards the new features of the 2024 edition begin: first there will be a stamp check in Piazza del Comune, then the cars will pass through Piazza del Duomo for the first time. Followed by via Muzzi, piazza San Domenico, Porta Pistoiese with the welcome of the Chinese community, via Bologna and the entrance to the avenue of the Fabbricone Storico which will tell the story of the textile tradition of the district. The latter is the only private section of the Mille Miglia passage, which can only be accessed by invitation. The final part of the Prato stage will see the cars circulate along Ponte Datini, viale Borgovalsugana, via Firenze and head towards the provincial border with Calenzano.

There are many best places to observe vintage cars up close. Above all, Viale Piave, where the caravan will pass at low speed, then Piazza del Comune, Piazza San Francesco and Piazza del Duomo. In the various squares there will also be gazebos belonging to the organisation, the associations involved and the sponsors. In Piazza del Duomo we find the world of associations, in the Municipality the hospitality gazebos of Aci Prato, in San Francesco the commercial ones and with the sale of merchandising. “We are taking care of the event down to the smallest details, to ensure a total spectacle for the city – comments the director of Aci Prato, Claudio Bigiarini – The organizational machine is impressive, but the effort is also made possible thanks to the institutional and associative collaboration that makes us feel their support every day”.

Speaking of associations, this is the list of those who contribute to actively supporting Aci Prato for the passage of the Mille Miglia 2024. Anc, Arte Auto Prato, Avis, Bisenzia, Casp, Club 500, Club Alfa Toscana, Committee via Pomeria, Confcommercio , Doc Prato, Lions Club, Mini Club, Misericordia, Moto Club Prato, Prato Promotion, Public Assistance, Classic Wheels Club Prato, Scuderia Ferrari, Vespa Club Montemurlo, Vespa Club Prato. These are the sponsors: Municipality of Prato, Municipality of Carmignano, Municipality of Poggio a Caiano, Province of Prato, BiAuto, Montebianco Costruzioni, Estra, Cap, Overtech, Lanificio Fratelli Balli, White Radio, Checcucci, Palmucci, Stilauto, Gruppo Gmg Spa , Pointex, Autoofficina Montegrappa, Sedoni, Extreme Plus, In Frigo Veritas, Gm Safety, Lenzi Auto, Ragiona. “There is great enthusiasm in the city and great anticipation for the passage of the Mille Miglia caravan – concludes the president of Aci Prato, Federico Mazzoni – A moment to remember for the city and the province, which presents spectacular innovations and which will undoubtedly make Prato one of the most evocative stages of the entire 2024 event”.

“It doesn’t happen often that you see the Mille Miglia passing through your municipality. Here, then, we are really happy for the passage of the vintage cars of this historic event which will color some of our streets with beauty”. This is what the mayor of Poggio a Caiano says Riccardo Palandri. This is the route inside the Medici municipality. The cars will pass via Carmignanese, then via Risorgimento roundabout – via Soffici, via Soffici, via Vittorio Emanuele, Ponte all’Asse and then enter via Pistoiese in the province of Florence and then enter via Roma, again in the Prato area.

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