Battleground 3×3 2024: last weekend of June in Piazza San Jacopo

Battleground 3×3 2024: last weekend of June in Piazza San Jacopo
Battleground 3×3 2024: last weekend of June in Piazza San Jacopo

Councilor Federico Scapecchi presented the “Battleground 3×3” event, sponsored by the Municipality of Arezzo department of sport, together with the president of Asd Villa Severi Pheasants, Giosuè Cabitta.

“A novelty for Arezzo – underlined Scapecchi – thanks to the initiative of a local entity with which the Municipality has been collaborating for some time. 3 on 3 basketball is very popular in the United States, now we are trying to make it familiar by hosting it downtown, precisely to attract more attention from citizens and tourists and give young and old the opportunity to watch the show. A demonstration of youthful vitality that needs to be given space and that is good for the city. We will do it immediately after the Giostra del Saracino and an appendix of the event will be dedicated to the local teams: perhaps the losers will be able to immediately take their revenge under the basket”.

“We started from Villa Severi with small charity events – recalled Cabitta – now we are trying to ‘export’ basketball to a strategic point which constitutes a fixed stop for those walking during the weekend. Objective: to make basketball a sport within everyone’s reach. During the event there will be a physiotherapy service to support the athletes. Thanks go to all the sponsors starting with the main Free Energy”.

Appointment from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June, in Piazza San Jacopo, from 9am to 5pm with the under tournaments between 8 teams and from 5pm to 11pm with the senior tournament between 16 teams. The window dedicated to the neighborhood tournament is scheduled for Sunday.

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Municipality of Arezzo

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