Lecce drew in Naples and ended the season with 38 points. Now look to the future

Lecce drew in Naples and ended the season with 38 points. Now look to the future
Lecce drew in Naples and ended the season with 38 points. Now look to the future

LECCE – Lecce’s championship ends with a draw at Napoli: 0-0 the result accrued to “Diego Armando Maradona” at the end of the 90 minutes in which the hosts, especially in the second half, tried to capitalize on their dominance in ball possession.

Twice the woodwork of Falcone’s goal saved Lecce: the first time, in the 53rd minute, on a shot by Cajuste slightly deflected by Gendrey, the second time on a shot by Ngonge, in the 64th minute. The Giallorossi goalkeeper, even before, he had opposed the former Verona player’s attempt with a deflection for a corner, while in the 71st minute Baschirotto intercepted a close-range shot from Olivera on a slide.

In the first half, Lecce, after having suffered in the first minutes of the match, had played on par with Napoli, entering the opponent’s half of the field with linear maneuvers and good collective movements and in the 9th minute they had come very close to taking the lead with a diagonal shot from Dorgu which had grazed the pole. Mister Gotti lined up the team with a 4-4-2 in the non-possession phase, with Berisha in charge of pressing Lobokta, the Neapolitans’ short playmaker, high up at the line occupied by Krstovic. The young Albanian also had a good opportunity in the 42nd minute, but his shot from the edge of the box, at the end of a good team move on the counterattack, was deflected onto the goal.

With the introduction, after the interval, of Raspadori and Ngonge for Simeone and Politano, and with that of Osimhen for Cajuste in the 64th minute, the Napoli coach, Calzona, tried to tighten the tempo, to find that starting point that he missed it in the first part of the race. In fact, the hosts became more dangerous but Lecce’s defensive line held up.

Gendrey’s performance was commendable both in coverage on a complicated client like Kvaratskheila and in the construction phase. Pongracic also did very well and confirmed, if there had been any need, that he is a footballer of notable technical-tactical depth.

With 38 points in the standings (on average one per game), the Salento team are therefore writing the final word on a championship which earned them their second consecutive salvation. From tomorrow it’s time for reprogramming: the conference in Corvino and Trinchera is scheduled for the afternoon to draw up a balance sheet by the technical area, after which it will be time to sit down with Luca Gotti to find a full agreement on the technical premises for the next one season, the 19th in the top category. In the meantime, the club has ordered to break ranks: Blin and his teammates can enjoy their well-deserved holidays.

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