Cosenza weather, the forecast for tomorrow Tuesday 28 May


The weather forecast in Cosenza For Tuesday 28 May show variable conditions throughout the day. In the morning and afternoon the sky will be overcast, with a cloud cover of 100%, while towards the evening the clouds will thin out, with a cover of around 29%. Temperatures will remain rather stable during the day, with values ​​ranging between +19.7°C and +23°C. The perception of the temperature will be slightly lower, with values ​​between +19.6°C and +22.7°C.

During the morning and afternoon, the wind will blow from the West with an intensity varying between 7.2km/h and 11.8km/h, while towards the evening the wind direction will change towards the South East with a speed of around 6.5km/h. Gusts of wind will generally be absent, with a light breeze accompanying the day.

Chances of precipitation will be low during the day, with values ​​hovering around 2-41%. The relative humidity of the air will be quite high, with values ​​varying between 51% and 88%. Atmospheric pressure will remain stable around 1015-1018hPa.

Based on the current weather forecast, Tuesday 28 May in Cosenza, a day with mostly cloudy skies is expected in the morning and afternoon, with possible sunny spells towards the evening. Temperatures will remain rather mild, without significant changes compared to the last few hours. It is advisable to pay attention to wind variations and keep an eye on any changes in weather conditions in the next few hours.

All the weather data for Tuesday 28 May in Cosenza

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