«I was criticized, but I think Elena is the most competent»

No ideological motivation, but rather the “good government” that has administered the city for the last 10 years. The national secretary of Action and candidate for the European elections Carlo Calendaaccompanied by Ettore Rosato, stops in Bergamo and meeting Elena Carnevali explains with this equation the reason why he chose to support the mayoral candidate of the centre-left coalition in the elections of 8 and 9 June: «Giorgio Gori is a friend, a person I love and I believe he was an excellent mayor – says Calenda, turning to Elena Carnevali –. Just as I believe you will be. Our decision to join the civic list is a conscious one. We need continuity of good governance.” Especially, reflects the leader of Action, referring to his experience as a minister, as to how the outgoing administration succeeded to combine economic and cultural development and attention to the territory: «The centre-left council, which we supported and continue to support, I believe has had the balance that must exist for a territory that wants to grow».

Support also expressed by Andrea Moltrasioalready at the top of Confindustria Bergamo and Ubi and already a candidate in the last political elections from the third pole: «I chose the side that I think is right: I have always appreciated Elena’s seriousness. Should he manage the administration of the city, he will do so with the same competence”, specifies Moltrasio, taking a few pebbles out of his shoes with respect to the criticism received for the endorsement of the centre-left mayoral candidate. «The electoral campaign of one party (political, ed) it is made up of somewhat silly slogans and controversies – adds Moltrasio –. This siding with Elena, this positioning with respect to two people I know very well and who are two friends, has been highly criticized.”

Within Elena Carnevali’s civic list there are four Action candidates: Adriano Musitelli and Andrea Valentinoprovincial and citizen secretary of the party respectively, Daniela Colombo and Gaia Masserini. «We can say that the rate of reformism is on our side, not on the center-right – Carnevali points out –. We have the ability to combine vision and concreteness, a legacy that we want to make even more use of.” A concept taken up by Musitelli, convinced that positioning in the civic is not «a different choice from being a party». Then he replies to the “can can” created by the center-right on public order problems: «They should turn to other interlocutors when they ask for a greater presence of the police. Certainly not in Gori or Carnivals”, attacks Musitelli, for whom the issue is linked to legality. «Citizens feel safe if they perceive the presence of the institutions. And the city is safe even if it is beautiful and not degraded.”

In addition to the political challengers, the mayoral candidates Andrea Pezzotta (centre-right) and Vittorio Apicella (5 Star Movement), the other obstacle is that of abstentionism: «It’s a disaster, we are underestimating what is happening – says Calenda -. Europe is an object that we have not explained to the citizens and it is the responsibility of the politics of which I am part. I hope that at least the civic appeal of the city will lead people to vote for the European elections too. The center-left in the city spoke with an institutional voice to all citizens.” As for the weight that the center’s votes will have, Carlo Calenda adds: “I tell the voters that they are voting for whoever will govern the city well.”

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