A2 F – Cosma Vela Ancona misses the match ball, it goes to the winner

COSMA VELA ANCONA: Andreoni, Consolani, Campitelli, Monterubbianesi 2, Manini, Kiss, Bartocci, Olivieri 3, Dametto 1, Bersacchia 1, Altamura, Quattrini 2, Malatesta. All. Pace M.
RARE NANTES OROBICA: Giai, Apilongo 1, Ferrari 1, Caiola, Zanoccoli 4, Trezzi 2, Ghezzi, Albani 1, Franchini, Paleni, Gavazzeni, Steere 1, Motta. All. Palace.
Referees: Fusco and Capobianco.
Notes: spectators approximately 200; no players out for fouls; upper number Vela 1/5 plus one penalty (saved), Orobica 0/4 plus two penalties (one saved).
Senigallia – Cosma Vela Ancona misses the match ball, game 2 of the playoff final is won by Rari Nantes Orobica, bringing the series to 1-1 and postponing everything to next Sunday, when the match that will decide who will be played in Romano di Lombardia goes up to A1. Perhaps the pressure for the match, perhaps the climate made hot by the support especially from Ancona at the Saline swimming pool in Senigallia, the fact is that the Doric team defeated the match especially in the second half, in which they allowed the Orobian team to recover from -2 and take the change of field on +1, and then in the fourth half, in which they made too many mistakes in the final phase, instead collecting the goal of their opponents which forced them to defeat. After the 12-7 in the first leg, few would have bet on the chances of Orobica who instead in Senigallia played a game of extreme caution against the most dangerous Dorics and found the goal much more easily than in the first leg. In the first half Orobica took the lead with Zanoccoli, Cosma responded with Quattrini and went on to lead with Olivieri and then with Dametto in numerical superiority, 3-1 at the first interval, thanks also to the penalty saved by Andreoni. Cosma loosens up in defense in the second half: Steere scores immediately (3-2), then Monterubbianesi, then two more goals from Lombardy with Trezzi (4-4), Olivieri takes the Dorics forward again, Ferrari responds from there, then Quattrini again and then Zanoccoli twice more, the second on a penalty, for the 6-7 at the change of ends. Cosma reacts in the third half, immediately finds the 7-7 with Monterubbianesi following a superiority and then with Olivieri they take the lead again (8-7), but it is a flash in the pan because Zanoccoli impacts on 8-8, Albani scores the external advantage and finally Bersacchia makes it 9-9 at the last interval. In the final half, however, there was only room for Apilongo’s goal with 3’08” to go. Cosma would have time to react, but it really isn’t the evening. And in the end it is Orobica that celebrates. Now the beauty.

Giuseppe Poli
Sailing Swimming press office Ancona
Photo: Cosma Vela at the Saline swimming pool during an interval

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