Napoli-Lecce 0-0, the Salento wall holds and Napoli finishes tenth. Reread the game.

Napoli-Lecce 0-0, the Salento wall holds and Napoli finishes tenth. Reread the game.
Napoli-Lecce 0-0, the Salento wall holds and Napoli finishes tenth. Reread the game.

Lecce’s wall holds up throughout the match and the Azzurri end their season in the worst possible way, certain of tenth place and also certain of being out of Europe. many boos that end a unsuccessful season.

Ci Napoli 05/26/2024 – Serie A football championship / Napoli-Lecce / photo Carmelo Imbesi/Image Sport in the photo: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia-Ylber Ramadani

Napoli-Lecce, live coverage of the 38th matchday of Serie A.

96′ Thus it ends 0-0, Napoli incredibly finishes tenth

95′ Osimhen’s last attempt at a header, easily saved by Falcone

ninety two’ Dangerous restart from Piccoli, but his shot from the neck ends up wide

90′ Five minutes of added time

88′ two minutes plus injury time to hope for European qualification

85′ The captain is out and Mazzocchi is in

79′ Double opportunity for Osimhen in a few minutes, neither of them hits the target

76′ Ostigard’s attempt from distance on the development of a corner, very high ball

71′ Shot by Oliver from a few steps away but Baschirotto is providential in closing with a slide

70′ Twenty minutes to go but Napoli is slowly fading away

65′ Osimhen also comes on in place of Cajuste

63′ Ngonge crosses the ball from outside, another opportunity for the new player, what bad luck!

59′ The pressure is different, the changes gave a shock

53′ Pole of Cajuste! Diagonal shot on Raspadori’s serve with Falcone immobile

52′ The Azzurri pick up the pace, double attempt by Kvara, first a good save by Falcone and then the ball goes out, there is hope…

50′ Ngonge’s attempt from distance but Falcone is attentive and puts it in the corner

46′ Calzona inserts Ngonge and Raspadori for Politano and Simeone

The second half begins!

45′ The first half ends at the Maradona without injury time but with lots of boos from the stands

41′ Gendrey recovers a great ball and restarts his team, then on the other side Bersisha has space to kick, but her shot is deflected

38′ Baschirotto overwhelms Kvara who had come very low to catch the ball to create a dangerous situation

34′ Olivera’s insertion on the left, but Baschirotto closes the Uruguayan’s entry into the area well

30′ Lecce closes well behind and it is difficult to find spaces, Politano and Kvara try to get on the same side to combine quickly

25′ Kvara continues to be a point of reference for the Azzurri, the dangerous actions pass through his feet

22′ A few minutes’ break as Dorgu remained on the ground after a tackle

18′ Slow pace so far, we are also suffering from the great heat of Fuorigrotta

13′ Lecce took courage after the aggressive start of Calzona’s men, they fought in midfield

9′ Dorgu’s diagonal shot that arrived like a train and chipped the post, a danger for Meret

5′ Azzurri always in possession of the ball, Salento waiting together behind

3′ Napoli’s first attempt with Politano’s shot deflected for a corner, a proactive start

1′ We start at Maradona

Official formations

Napoli (4-3-3): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Juan Jesus, Olivera; Anguissa, Lobotka, Cajuste; Politano, Simeone, Kvaratskhelia all. Calzone

Lecce (4-4-1-1): Falcone; Gendrey, Baschirotto, Pongracic, Gallo; Almqvist, Blin, Ramadani, Dorgu; Berisha; Krstovic all. Gotti

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