goodbye Zhang, welcome Oaktree. The last dance… Inter will miss you

goodbye Zhang, welcome Oaktree. The last dance… Inter will miss you
goodbye Zhang, welcome Oaktree. The last dance… Inter will miss you

The last match of a historic championship, but also Inter’s first match without Steven Zhang at the helm and Inter’s first Oaktree match. Verona-Inter could have been a banal match, one of those destined to end up forgotten because it was played on the last day of a season that now has nothing left to say. Instead, the hope is that it is the first of an equally important era as the one with Suning in command.

Inter honored a championship dominated from the first to the last day until the end. Unforgettable performances, matches sometimes played on autopilot, an exciting game that made everyone fall in love. At San Siro but not only, Inter enchanted on every pitch in Serie A.

The truth is that at the final whistle of Verona-Inter we all felt a feeling of nostalgia and bewilderment. It won’t be easy to stay away from this Inter, it won’t be easy to wait for the start of a new season, to live off the transfer market for two months while waiting to see our champions back on the pitch. Next season will be challenging, more so than this one which has just ended. We will have to defend the second star’s Scudetto, we will have to aim to get to the bottom of the Champions League too, we will have to do well in every competition and above all we will have to be ready for the new Club World Cup. We will have to raise the bar, as declared in unison by everyone .

We will start again from Simone Inzaghi and the management itself. This is a guarantee, an insurance for the fans: Inter will start again at the top and to do well in any competition. But above all we will start again from the affection of an extraordinary audience. All this will be missed, Inter will be missed.

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