Cordinier decides from the foul line with four seconds left

As in a surreal replay of Game 1, the Virtus he also makes game 2 his with the thrill and goes 2-0 in the series Venice: Segafredo wins 79-78 this time in a final that It leaves a bad taste in Reyer’s mouth also for some referee decisions, with Spahija who deserts the post-match conference. He decides it Isaiah Cordinier with two free throws four seconds from the end, with Venezia despairing over the call and having once again been able to regain a huge lead (from -19, this time), putting their noses ahead in the final before the prank. Segafredo celebrates, led by Belinelli’s 14 points – all in the second quarter – and Polonara’s 11, while Reyer’s 14 points from Parks and Simms were not enough.

Virtus monologue

The second act of the series has a very clear trend right from the tap-off: just over a minute, 7-0 Segafredo and Spahija immediately timed out. The minute is not enough, because Pajola and Dunston continue to lead the break of Banchi’s team, which lengthen his advantage to out of proportion against a Reyer team that loses balls repeatedly (six in the first quarter alone): there is only one team on the field, with the maximum advantage sealed by the eloquent +19, at 26-7, when Virtus finds energy from the bench which Venice is also missing from the quintet. Simms and Heidegger they try to bring Umana back in the wake at the end of the first quarter (28-15) by taking advantage of Segafredo’s first mini-slide, but it doesn’t last long: Tucker stays under control – 6 points without field goals at halftime – Spissu does not repeat the good things of game 1, 0/5 from the field, and Virtus maintains the inertia of the match. Also because it goes wild again Belinelli: the captain scores 14 points out of the 19 scored by Segafredo throughout the second quarter and at halftime the Bianconeri are ahead 47-30, with Dobric’s dunk arriving just outside the time limit.

Reyer reaction, the usual Virtus third quarter

At the start of the third quarter Segafredo refines the maximum advantage reaching +22 on Abass’s triple (shared in a quintet with Polonara and Zizic), countered by the first blasts from Spissu. Spahija regains some confidence, wins free throws against a Virtus that is loaded with fouls and forces Banchi to time out when De Nicolao pots the -15: the very early fourth foul by Shengelia opens upon the return of Polonara which marks one triple fundamental from the corner, but the inertia is now Reyer. After a unsportsmanlike Of MaleVenezia nibbles away more points with De Nicolao and Simms and when Tucker scores -7 which closes Virtus’ usual shady third quarter, the ghosts of the comeback from game 1 resurface in the Arena.

I overtake Reyer, the finish is signed by Cordinier

Banchi must manage the problems of fouls and try to play Shengelia at four (as well as Pajola and Mascolo) but the fifth of the Georgian arrives when they are still missing eight minutes to go of the race. Another positive sign for Spahjia, which goes back up to -4 with Simms and De Nicolao against a Virtus in prolonged trouble: a basket from Polonara and a recovery from Hackett are not enough to shake off Reyer, who four minutes from the end scores the -2, 72-70, with Casarin’s triple from the corner. The comeback is launched and the long chase crowns it Parkswho acrobatically scores the overtaking basket at 73-74, with Simms putting in the free throws for +2: Venezia goes for the jugular with Tucker, but the triple hits the second iron and from there Hackett hits at 76 with 1’17” to go. After the Reyer timeout, Parks’ jumper is worth the new +2 Venezia, Hackett only scores 1/2 on the line and is 77-78 at 35” from the end: Tucker breaks through on Cordinier and Virtus has just over 20 seconds left for the last attack, the Frenchman throws himself in and takes just do it by Simms (although perhaps the contact is more than Parks) with 4 seconds left. On the line Cordinier scores 2/2, at which point Venezia tries to go the other way with Tucker but the American ends up in the grip of Cordinier and Hackett and it’s 2-0 to Segafredo.

Virtus Segafredo Bologna – Umana Reyer Venezia 79-78
Partial: 28-15; 47-30; 64-57
VIRTUS: Cordinier 10, Belinelli 14, Pajola 5, Dobric, Mascolo, Shengelia 5, Hackett 9, Mickey 9, Polonara 11, Zizic 2, Dunston 9, Abass 5. All.: Banchi
VENICE: Spissu 6, Tessitori 9, Heidegger 3, Casarin 3, De Nicolao 11, Parks 14, Brooks 2, Simms 14, Wiltjer, Tucker 13. Ne: Janelidze, Kabengele. All.: Spahija
Referees: Mazzoni, Perciavalle, Dori
Shots from the field: Vir 24/47 (9/18 from three), Fri 24/61 (6/29 from three). Free throws: Vir 22/30, Fri 24/27. Rebounds: Vir 28, Fri 36. Assists: Vir 25, Fri 15

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