In the final with the sixth symphony: Trieste triumphs 85-68

For Forlì it is “win or go home”, the match of no return; for Trieste the opportunity to honor the 5,744 spectators with a clear 3-0. Who will have the most pressure on them? Coach Martino’s men, unable so far to find tactical countermeasures or Coach Christian’s halberds, who rightly want to end the series under friendly vaults? One thing is certain: for years the PalaTrieste has not been so packed and eager to encourage its favorites; note for the roster: a bruised Reyes (a blow suffered in game 2) will be replaced by Luca Campogrande. Two-ball!


Menalo leaves immediately starting five in place of Reyes, the guests seem understandably nervous but the score is low: 4-2 for Trieste; Brooks – cleverly – tries to force his opponents to commit a foul and he is right, given that the Romagna players are already in the bonus (after three minutes) but the Julians’ triples have not yet entered: 8-4 for the halberds. Zampini finds some openings in the painted area but Candussi responds with personality there where his teammates shoot with a percentage of 0/6 from long range and Christian makes the first changes. Errors, too many errors on both halves of the pitch and many turnovers too: a balanced first quarter for long stretches, ending with a Brooks in crescendo, on the “tuft” of the triple of +8 for his team (19-11).


While Johnson argues with Martino, Bossi scores some nice baskets, extending Trieste’s rotations and Campogrande is also on the parquet: Deangeli gives away two fouls on the three-pointer, giving Radonjic the chance to score -6 for Unieuro (18-24 ). In the absence of his Puerto Rican companion, a very present one Candussi attracts fouls from the big guests, rises to 8 points and is – at the moment – an offensive point of reference for Trieste (ahead 29-21); Johnson is unfriendly in his attitude on the pitch and only Zampini (10) is able to convert his talent into points: once again it is Candussi who responds in kind in order to keep the Forlì team away. Forlì complains about the negative performance of its American (-3 plus/minus), finds 11 pearls from Cinciarini but Ruzzier’s torpedo is worth +8 after twenty minutes of contest (42-34).


No time to tie your shoes again Brooks he’s already unleashed: 18 points, assist on the “kiss” for Candussi and a steal; Martino shouts “timeout” when Ruzzier and Ferrero score two bombs in a row, lighting up the scoreboard at 53-39. Trieste defends with great attention, Menalo unblocks himself from the arc and is profitable in rebounding and, in addition, it seems that inertia convinces the hosts; Forlì creates little, very little, although Cinciarini takes on the role of leader, at least in the score: 63-45 for the Giulians. At the end of the quarter, however, the Romagna players took advantage of a slight decline in the halberds – on the pitch with an atypical quintet – and now the gap was 11 points, in favor of Coach Christian’s men (64-53).


Cinciarini and Filloy challenge each other from long distance, Ruzzier tries to reach an agreement with Vildera but Unieuro – thanks to a super Zampini – comes back 10 down (61-71); Menalo asks for the ball and makes his third triple, Zampini replies without stopping but Filloy rediscovers his “clutch” by scoring a new +14 (80-66), 4 minutes from the end. The stirrup shot? Martino opts for the timeout and a subsequent “tactical” technical foul (probably to wake him up). The host’s body language is not the best, the distractions and mistrust add up and time is running out: 83-68 for the Giulians with 2.42 from the siren. Deangeli scores four important points and his recovered ball puts the end to this exciting game 3: Trieste reaches the semi-final with another superlative performance!


Pall. Ts 2004 Vs Unieuro Forlì 85 – 68


Trieste: Bossi 4, Menalo 10, Ferrero 3, Vildera 4, Candussi 15, Ruzzier 13, Campogrande, Camporeale, Deangeli 4, Rolli, Filloy 14, Brooks 18. Coach Christian

Forlì: Cinciarini 23, Zilio, Munari, Pollone 3, Magro 4, Pascolo 2, Johnson 10, Tassone, Zampini 18, Valentini 2, Radonjic 6. Coach Martino


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