Legality Tour. “Missing. Minors, elderly, white lupara” in Monte Sant’Angelo

MONTE SANT’ANGELO, 22 MAY 2024. On May 22, 2024, the meeting entitled “Disappeared” took place in Monte Sant’Angelo, at the “Peppino Principe” Auditorium. Minors, elderly, lupara bianca”, as part of the initiatives of the Tour of Legality, which saw the participation of schools in the province. The event, dedicated to the theme of the search for missing persons, is part of the celebrations of the International Missing Children’s Day, established in 1983 in memory of little Etan Patz, kidnapped in New York on 25 May 1979.

Moderated by Prof. Rossella Palmieri, professor of Italian theatrical literature at the University of Foggiathe meeting was opened by the institutional greetings of the Prefect of Foggia, who announced the results of the competition “To the origins of the Italian Republic: unity, values ​​and Constitution”, communicating the winning classes that will participate in the prize trip to Turin on 26 May .

Dr. Annalisa Loconsole, Vice President of the “Penelope” Association, then shared with the public a significant testimony on the search for missing persons. The central moment of the meeting was the round table with authoritative speakers: the Government’s Extraordinary Commissioner for Missing Persons, Prefect Maria Luisa Pellizzari, the Prosecutor of Foggia, Dr. Ludovico Vaccaro, the Director General USR Puglia, Dr. Giuseppe Silipo , and Dr. Angelo De Giorgi, psychiatrist from the ASL of Foggia.

The event was enriched by a theater workshop curated by Maestro Dino La Cecilia, which saw the participation of students from the schools of Monte Sant’Angelo, and by a simulation of the search for missing persons, organized by the “Penelope” Association.


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