asbestos and dioxin, the alert remains

ANCONA A short circuit. It is the most plausible hypothesis taken into consideration by the prosecutor’s office, which with the prosecutor Irene Bilotta has opened a case (currently against unknown persons) for the fire that devastated DS Smith Recycling, the company in via Caduti del Lavoro, at Baraccola, specialized in the management of non-hazardous waste. However, a 360-degree investigation is underway, without ruling out anything, not even malicious intent, although no signs of forced entry have been found. The accidental cause remains the most probable, although to be certain the specialists of the NIA (Fire Investigation Unit) of the fire brigade will have to access the shed from which the trigger would have arisen, perhaps from an electrical panel near a compactor. But that part of the factory still remains off limits because the roof is unsafe.

The samplings

The prosecutor’s office is also awaiting the results of the Arpam sampling, which is still underway to avoid the risk of toxic cloud. The values ​​of fine particles would have skyrocketed at Baraccola, due to the combustion of tons of paper and cardboard. The risk is that toxic substances, such as dioxins, metals and hydrocarbons, have spread into the air. Also of concern is the fact that in the roofs of the two collapsed warehouses there would be traces of asbestos which could have been dispersed into the atmosphere, blown by the wind. Arpam has installed additional air meters in the perimeter around the fire plant, 9 detectors in 8 collection points. From an initial analysis, however, the water network in the area would not have been contaminated by the water used to put out the fire that broke out on Wednesday evening and has not yet been completely eradicated.

Even yesterday, in fact, during the waste clearing operations, fires were lit here and there, which were immediately extinguished. And a gray cloud constantly rises from the factory, visible for kilometers away. The cleanup will continue today too: two trucks and three roll-off containers burned by the flames must be taken outside, as well as three forklifts incinerated under the other shed. At the moment it is not possible for the company to even hypothesize an estimate of the damages, however considerable. The entire area remains under seizure. While awaiting the results of the Arpam, the directives issued by the Municipality remain in force: access to the red zone is prohibited, commercial activities are closed in the orange zone pending the completion of street cleaning, the use of a mask and washing of appliances is recommended and vegetables grown in private gardens with running water in the yellow zone, which extends for a radius of one kilometer from the disaster site.


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