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ANCONA – Marconi Day, 150 years after its birth, a Rai drama (with Stefano Accorsi) in May and celebrations in Ancona. The occasion is not only the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous inventor and telecommunications pioneer, but also the 120th anniversary of the experiments conducted at the Cardeto lighthouse, one of the largest green lungs of the capital.

But who was he? William Marconi and why did it go down in history in Ancona? Marco Olivieri, secretary of the Doric section, explains it of the Ar, the Italian radio amateur association. «Marconi came to Ancona 120 years ago and in the first week of August he carried out an experiment on the propagation of radio waves. He wanted to understand the difference between night and day.”

The Bolognese «had commissioned the Poldhu station, in Cornwall, to transmit signals defendants that he would have received from Ancona – continues Olivieri – He wanted to understand what would happen when from Night we would have moved on to day. Her forecasts they were that with the arrival of day the signal would be lost. And so it was, in fact.”

«For the time, it was a turning point: it was possible to understand the difference between propagation between day and the Night. You see, there were no radio stations back then. There was no such knowledge of wave propagation. At the Colle dei Capuchins there was already one station radiographic transmitter to send radiograms, but it was the only one in Ancona”.

It is curious that Guglielmo Marconi was always linked to the Marche region, thanks to his collaborator Luigi Solari, originally from Loreto. «Marconi chose to stop in the Doric capital and moored the Royal Ship Sardinia right here, at the port of Ancona».

The municipal council approved, on the proposal of councilor Angelo Eliantonio, the granting of patronage and technical contribution for the Marconi Day initiative. Exhibition at the old lighthouse in the Cardeto park. In fact, on 27 and 28 April, the Ari section of Ancona will activate the station of the old Ancona lighthouse to commemorate the experiments conducted by Marconi in 1904.

Experiments which will celebrate their 120th anniversary in August. The novelty this year, compared to the tradition of this event, concerns the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi, which will be held at the room weddings of the Building of the Elderly people. There will be interventions dedicated to communication and an archive section of news and images of the scientist’s experiments on Monte dei Cappuccini.

«The experiments conducted by Marconi in Ancona – states councilor Eliantonio – were of great importance for the world of telecommunications and for this reason the Municipality grants its patronage to an initiative which for years has provided a contribution not only in terms historiansbut also of research and of update. Last but not least, this event represents an opportunity to enhance two of our most precious urban sites: the old lighthouse on one side and the Palazzo degli Anziani on the other. The availability of the latter for this year’s event, an innovation compared to the past, responds to the desire of the municipal administration to give even greater importance to Marconi Day in the year of the sesquicentennial of his birth. It is therefore with pleasure that we have made one of the most prestigious municipal offices available.” In a few weeks, however, the drama to celebrate Marconi with protagonist will be on Rai Stephen I ran.

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