“The participation of the Democratic Party in the coalition guarantees citizens”.

“The participation of the Democratic Party in the coalition guarantees citizens”.
“The participation of the Democratic Party in the coalition guarantees citizens”.

The electoral campaign officially opens in Casoria and the outgoing councilor and leading candidate Alessandro Graziuso (in the photo) explains the reasons for the choice to support the current mayor Raffaele Bene in his second mandate.

The PD will present itself with the centre-left coalition in the next local elections on 8 and 9 June. What were your political motivations?

“The PD has made a political choice of responsibility towards the city, favoring the construction of a new political alliance with all the democratic and progressive forces of Casoria around a project of change.

Without the generosity of our party, its leadership team and the outgoing city councilors, broad unity in the broad field would not have been achieved. For the PD, the political decision taken was very complex.”

What were the political evaluations?“We are a plural party, with different sensitivities, with great roots in the city. It is natural, therefore, that there is a long democratic process, which may also appear complex, but this characterizes an open and sincerely democratic political force. In the PD, we decide, not I.”

The PD has been in opposition in recent years. Now you are crucial for the centre-left political alliance. What will your message be to the city? “In recent years the PD has been a political force in opposition to the outgoing administration. We consistently claim the main battles made in the City Council in defense of the territory and for a different, more participatory management of public affairs, even when we have reported political errors and serious gaps in the planning of the territory.

But now, the project that is being built is based on a radically new assumption: that is, it is a political alliance, not a civic one, unlike five years ago. The PD’s participation in the coalition guarantees citizens a clear political and strategic vision. Then I appreciated that the mayoral candidate of the wide field, Raffaele Bene, who we will support, has opened up to the need to listen to the critical issues and open problems in the city, as requested by the PD”.

What will be the main programmatic points for the PD? “The political project we imagine for the Casoria of the future involves a redesign of the territory that reduces marginal areas and allows development and growth in compliance with legality. The radical change that citizens expect requires a more serious investment in infrastructure and services, which today remain very lacking.

Then we need to imagine a different road network in the area, pay much more attention to schools, without considering that the hamlet of Arpino deserves greater attention. For the PD the program represents the guarantee of the unity of the coalition”.

What is the local party’s main political bet? “Today the PD in Casoria is a stronger party than in the past, thanks to the rooting work promoted by the management group on an inclusive and open political line which I am sure will be rewarded in the elections with an excellent result, so as to become an essential political reference for all citizens and ensure the centrality of Casoria in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples”.

Lastly, what are your objectives in this electoral campaign? “For me it is now a completely new and highly suggestive experience. A few years ago I joined the PD, coming from a civic reality that is deeply rooted in the area. Today the Democratic Party represents the most credible political force to imagine a future for the city and to push towards the protagonism of a new generation that does not give up but wants to fight for a new perspective for Casoria. We are running to build the future.”



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