Why we shouldn’t put the IBAN on shareholdings: Simona Ventura and Terzi in the storm

A lapse in style, but also a danger: everyone criticizes Ventura and Terzi’s choice to put the IBAN on shareholdings.

A bitter controversy erupted Simona Ventura and her future husband Giovanni Terzi after the couple decided to include the details of an IBAN on the wedding invitations. This choice sparked various reactions of indignation. Most considered the solution to be a truly inelegant practice. Someone else, more severely, described the initiative as “boorish”.

Simona Ventura with her partner Terzi: the controversy over wedding invitations -Credit ANSA – Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

Then there are also those who believe it is appropriate to defend the couple’s decision: by choosing to include the IBAN on the shareholdings, Ventura and her future husband Terzi would have done nothing other than offer a practical service to guests who want to give them wedding gifts.

The couple, as everyone knows, will get married next July 6th. The decision to put the IBAN on the wedding invitations was taken by Ventura to facilitate the donations that will be used to finance the honeymoon. However, such a novelty was branded as a poor class choice and above all contrary to etiquette.

Ventura and Terzi and the IBAN on shareholdings: why it is better to avoid it

If there were any doubts, too Galateo requires the spouses not to suggest too directly to the guests how or what to give as a gift. But it must be said that although it is an inelegant choice in itself, that of including the IBAN in wedding invitations, it is not an option prohibited a priori.

Simona Ventura kisses her partner and soon to be married, even if under controversy – Credit ANSA – Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

Bonton says it all depends on how the request is worded. For example, if the IBAN refers to a charitable foundation and links the gift to charitythe problem does not arise: no one would ever dream of criticizing such an initiative.

If the spouses then want the bank transfers to reach them so that they can be used for personal matters, they still need to pay attention to certain details. First: the IBAN should never be put in the foreground. Better to put it on a separate note. Better yet use a wedding sitei.e. an ad hoc website and leave only the web address on the participations.

Communicating your IBAN is generally not considered dangerous, as the IBAN is designed for receiving payments and not for making withdrawals. The danger is related to good taste. And above all the possibility of being able to put into difficulty those who do not have liquidity in order to proceed immediately with a bank transfer.

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