Paul Mescal and Natalie Portman spotted in London, all the gossip

Paul Mescal and Natalie Portman spotted in London, all the gossip
Paul Mescal and Natalie Portman spotted in London, all the gossip

A chat outside a London club, matchy looks that seem to have come out of the same wardrobe and smiles full of confidence. Of this idyllic picture that seems to crystallize the first and very sweet glances of a new couple, the protagonists are Natalie Portman and Paul Mescal: paparazzi since Daily Mail outside Bar 69 in Islington, the two actors were keen to let us know through their spokespersons that they are just friends. But the comment was not enough to calm the gossip.

The Mail took his time to underline the fact that between the two, outside that club in Islington, there was great confidence: fresh from her divorce from the director Benjamin Millepied after a very painful betrayal which completely severed an 11-year long union, According to the tabloid, Portman is ready to start over, to find a new love. And Paul Mescal, who “has never hidden his admiration for the actress”, could be the object of her desires.

Of course, Mescal is no stranger to this type of insinuation: for a long time he embroidered on his alleged relationship with his colleague and friend Ayo Edebiri of The Bear (although now everyone is convinced that she is having an affair with her co-star Jeremy Allen-White). But the photos with Natalie Portman have evidently animated the social debate, anticipating (perhaps) a new romantic scenario for the coming summer. The two actors have never worked together (although Mescal worked with her ex-husband in 2022 on the set of the film Carmen): they officially met for the first time in 2023 on the set of Actors on Actorsthe format of Variety in which two stars interview each other. On that occasion Mescal complimented his colleague on her interpretation of him in the film May December. “If the me who went to drama school saw that I was talking to you, he would pinch himself in disbelief,” he added. In short, esteem and admiration are not lacking. But the photos published by Daily Mail they suggest that there may be something more.

The recent and painful Millepied and Portman divorcefinalized last March a year after the separation, amplified the idea that the actress, Oscar winner for her performance in the film The black Swan, is ready to start new relationships today. And considering that nothing is known about Paul Mescal’s love life – except that at the moment he seems to be single – here the idyllic picture immortalized by a lucky paparazzo in London could become something more than simple gossip with no future.

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