Chiara Ferragni at Che Tempo Che Fa, first TV interview after the Balocco case and the crisis with Fedez: «I tremble with fear»

Chiara Ferragni at Che Tempo Che Fa, first TV interview after the Balocco case and the crisis with Fedez: «I tremble with fear»
Chiara Ferragni at Che Tempo Che Fa, first TV interview after the Balocco case and the crisis with Fedez: «I tremble with fear»

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Tonight, Sunday 3 March 2024, Ferragni returns to TV: she will be a guest of Fabio Fazio on Che Tempo che Fa. It promises to be a heart-to-heart interview, in which the entrepreneur will speak for the first time on TV about the Balocco case, the alleged crisis with her husband Fedez and her future plans. On Instagram she announces: «I want to be myself with all my fragilities»

Chiara Ferragni’s return to TV, after the Antitrust sanction for “unfair commercial practice” for the Balocco case and after the marital crisis with Fedez, is now imminent. This evening, the entrepreneur will be a guest of Fabio Fazio at Che Tempo che fa. And everything suggests that the interview will be as exciting as it is difficult for her. Ferragni herself says it on Instagram, in a series of Stories in which she says she is “agitated” to the point of crying and trembling with fear. But, he continues, “It’s okay because it’s me and I’m real.” Words that recall those pronounced during the exclusive interview with Courier a few days ago, when he declared: «We are all fragile, we all have our insecurities. I am extremely grateful for my life, but I am not perfect and I don’t even want to appear that way anymore.” Codacons, meanwhile, wrote a letter to Fabio Fazio, urging him to ask some specific questions to the digital entrepreneur during the interview, in the name of cross-examination.

The Balocco case and the accusations against Chiara Ferragni

But what will Ferragni talk about with Fazio? Tonight will be his first television appearance since legal events linked to the aforementioned Balocco casebut also to the similar operations carried out for the Easter eggs of Dolci Preziosi and the Trudi doll, which according to the Milan prosecutor’s office could be linked by the same criminal design (hypothesis which Ferragni denies).
The accusation is of unfair commercial practices, and in particular of misleading advertising linked to the activities of charity. According to the prosecution’s hypothesis, consumers would have been led to think that by buying the designer pandoro (and, by extension, also the Easter eggs and the doll marketed under the Ferragni brand) they would have contributed to the donations announced by the entrepreneur, even if, in reality, the latter had already been done. The difference in cost of the products, therefore, would have represented a benefit only for the company and the influencer, not for the charitable causes.
Ferragni maintained from the beginning – also in the interview with Corriere – that he had always acted in good faith, while acknowledging that he had made mistakes. She apologized, and she donated one million euros to the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin. But, at the same time, the entrepreneur explained that she considered the Antitrust sanction disproportionate (further a million of Euro): for this reason he filed at Tar two from Lazio appeals with which he requests the annulment of the provision.

The crisis with Fedez and the rumors of divorce

It’s not all. This will also be Ferragni’s first TV interview the day after separation from Fedez. The rapper and entrepreneur left the marital home a few days ago, Ferragni has no longer posted photos with her husband and for days she has only ever shown herself, on her social networks, alone or with her children. Marriage over? The crisis seems complete but it is not clear whether the two have already decided to say goodbye. A few days ago, the businesswoman declared to Striscia la Notizia: “I have not abandoned Federico and this is not a communication strategy.” Meanwhile, on March 3, he posted images from Rozzano: “I’m back.” His parents live in the municipality in the Milanese hinterland. On Instagram there are also images of his children Vittoria and Leone, who are probably with him while their mother prepares for the interview with Fazio.

The interview: Will Ferragni answer questions about Fedez?

During the interview granted to Corriere, Ferragni did not want to reveal details about his marital situation. «Federico is my husband. And in my opinion, in certain situations of external chaos it is better to keep other things within the couple”, she declared, explaining that for her “the priority is to protect the family and children”. Fedez himself, pressed by reporters, in recent days has reiterated the need to put the well-being of children at the centre. It is difficult to imagine that the crisis between the two will not emerge today. In the Stories published a few hours before the interview, however, Ferragni promises sincerity: «Tonight I won’t be perfect as I always try to be, amen. Perfection is an illusion, I want to be myself with all my fragilities”. Then, as if to reiterate the concept, she reposted the message of a supporter, who privately encouraged her to be herself (“In recent months many have thought that you construct everything you do or say according to strategy. In truth, who he understands you deeply and knows that you are only yourself. It will be enough for you to be that way again tonight.” Accompanying the follower’s words are a handful of emotional emoticons, as a sign of gratitude.

Codacons questions

Codacons, meanwhile, is pressuring Fabio Fazio to be ready to press Ferragni with some specific questions on the legal issues that concern her. In January, the host had his say on the Ferragnez case in an article published on Todaystigmatizing the “keyboards of gall” poured on Ferragni and Fedez without thinking about the “load of poisons” on the couple and demonstrating «disinterest in the wounds that they procure.” Today, Codacons defines the choice of inviting Ferragni on the broadcast as “very delicate” and suggests that Fazio ask her – among other things – whether the presence of bought followers can be excluded from her social profiles, or to explain why, immediately after the outbreak of the Balocco affair, the posts on Easter eggs, which were also sold for charity and ended up at the center of the Prosecutor’s investigation, were deleted from the influencer’s social profiles.

In recent days, following the announcement of the interview with Che Tempo che fa, Codacons had already made a first move, with an emergency appeal presented to the TAR of Lazio to ask that viewers be guaranteed “correctness of information during the broadcast”, “preventing the influencer’s intervention from turning into a defense without cross-examination on the Pandoro-gate scandal”. The appeal in question was immediately rejected by the Administrative Court, which deemed it unable to intervene in the absence of a violation already verified. Moreover, it is not one of the functions of the TAR to supervise the conduct of a TV broadcast, which takes place within the times and in the manner desired by its authors.

The consumer association, however, reiterates: «We are certain that in the absence of cross-examination, Ferragni will be able to say what he wants and perhaps continue to classify the serious misconduct carried out by his companies as fake news or simple communication errors, thus deceiving consumers. viewers with the complicity of Fabio Fazio, notoriously inclined to indulge his guests while avoiding any uncomfortable questions.” The final warning from Codacons is clear: «In case of misconduct, if Agcom does not take measures, the TAR may intervene to decide on possible sanctions”.

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