“Impossible” puzzle: what is the parking number | Only true geniuses solve

“Impossible” puzzle: what is the parking number | Only true geniuses solve
“Impossible” puzzle: what is the parking number | Only true geniuses solve

They are becoming increasingly fashionable, there are those who challenge themselves and those who try to solve it alone. The last puzzle is about the parking lot.

There are those who find it easy and there are those who find it a real nightmare. Parking is always a cause for debate, between those who succeed in two simple steps and those who lose many minutes instead. An action that, however, like it or not, is part of our daily life, we all stop at least once a day to park our car. The test we want to offer you today focuses precisely on this, on parking.

The parking puzzle – Mondofuoristrada.it

Logic puzzles have become part of our daily life. We enjoy making them during the lunch break at work, or after a long day, when we finally relax on the sofa in the evening. A real phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular, a trend that also sees friends challenge each other.

The parking puzzle

As mentioned, this puzzle focuses on parking and the peculiarity is that few have managed to solve it. A real challenge and the answer to this riddle is not so obvious. In fact, the image that we propose to you shows a parking lot, but a number is covered by a car. What is the hidden number? Simple question but not so trivial the answer.

It is not so rare to find numbered parking spaces around your city, to challenge you we have decided to cover a number and you will have to figure it out. And you are not alone because many on the internet have tried without being able to figure it out. We briefly explain the rules: there are no time limits, you can try and try again until you have the solution.

The parking number, the last puzzle – web photos

If you gave up, we’ll take care of giving you the solution, if instead you tried to guess you will read the correct answer in the next few lines. But for those who have made a mistake, we can say with absolute tranquility that you are in good company, in fact many like you have tried without being able to guess or get lucky.

The solution

What we have proposed is a type of puzzle that is based on perspective, in fact the parking lot was upside down and therefore the number of misses was 87. Looking at things from another perspective often provides us with a solution. If you figured out that the number 87 was under the car, you’re a genius.

As mentioned, however, if you haven’t guessed right, don’t despair because you can try other tests and other challenges again, in fact there are many like this one. All useful exercises to train the mind and spend a few minutes fun. Maybe in company while you challenge your friends or your relatives.

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