The Chief of Staff of the Army at the “Eurosatory 2024”

The Chief of Staff of the Army at the “Eurosatory 2024”
The Chief of Staff of the Army at the “Eurosatory 2024”

​​​​​​ The Chief of Staff of the Army, Army Corps General Carmine Masiello, in Paris for “Eurosatory 2024”, the world event in the defense and security sector, which is held every two years in France. The exhibition represents an opportunity for companies and professionals in the sector to present the latest technologies and innovations in the field of defense and security.

The participation of the official delegation of the Italian Army was a unique opportunity to consolidate networking with other players in the sector, verify the latest trends and innovations in the field of defense and meet representatives of the Armed Forces from all over the world, with the objective of intercepting opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations in the field of security and defense.

During the event, the Army Chief of Staff participated in the presentation of the New AW249 Exploration and Escort Helicopter, developed by the Leonardo Helicopters (LHD) company, during which he highlighted: “there is only one way to face new challenges: adapt while transforming. The new AW249 helicopter expresses all this, it is a platform that was born completely digital, capable of operating in every domain and operational context, equipped with superior kinetic and engagement capacity, protection and cyber resilience as well as capable of managing UAVs. The synergy between Defense and Leonardo finds in the AW249 concrete proof that a product can turn into a success”.

​ Furthermore, speaking in the context of a debate with the French Chief of Staff, General Pierre Schill, focused on the transformation needs common to land military instruments to prepare to face the current confrontational scenarios, the Army Corps General Masiello highlighted: “it is a common challenge to be able to give concrete answers to today’s needs and identify the correct questions to answer tomorrow. Peace requires more awareness, responsibility and technology.”

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