“Iran can hit every city in the world.” And post a photo of the Colosseum

“Iran can hit every city in the world.” And post a photo of the Colosseum
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A photo of the Colosseum in Rome on which six missiles are about to hit. Israel thus warns the world of the possible consequences if Iran is not stopped. The image was posted on X by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz who wrote: “Iran’s recent attack on Israel is just a preview of what cities around the world can expect if the Iranian regime is not stopped . The world must designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization and sanction Iran’s ballistic missile program, before it is too late.”

Satellite images of damage to Iran base released

Meanwhile, Iran International, an Iranian TV station based in London, has released satellite images of what it claims to be the site hit in the Israeli attack which occurred during the night between Thursday and Friday. Analyzes of satellite images – showing the site before and after the raid – “confirm reports that the central part of an S-300 air defense system at Isfahan air base was hit in an alleged Israeli attack”.

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