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Amici 23, Dustin Taylor close to the professional dancer Angelo Recchia? Drop a report!

Amici 23, Dustin Taylor close to the professional dancer Angelo Recchia? Drop a report!
Amici 23, Dustin Taylor close to the professional dancer Angelo Recchia? Drop a report!

A few days ago we told you about the closeness between two Amici 23 students and it seems, according to a recent report, that they are Dustin Taylor and Angelo Recchia. Here’s what we know!

A few days ago, one was released report on a attendance between a former student of Friends 23 it’s a professional dancer. The news was given by Amedeo Venza, gossip expert, from his Instagram page and it is he who reveals who those directly involved are.

Amici 23, Dustin Taylor close to the dancer Angelo Recchia?

According to the report reported by Amedeo Venza the two dancers who would start a attendance they would be Dustin Taylorstudent of the latest edition of the talent show Channel 5 conducted by Maria De FilippiAnd Angelo Recchia, professional dancer of the program. According to what the gossip expert reported from his Instagram page, it seems that the two dancers would have started to get closer already during the Evening of Friends23.

Dustin, in fact, was among the finalists of the program and the only dancer together with the winner of the category, Marisol Castellanos. Both students of Alessandra Celentano, the two students made their teacher proud and attempted a series of performances that left the judges and audience breathless.

The indiscretion reported by Venza would also be supported by a photo that Recchia would have posted: in a post on his Instagram account, the dancer would have published several shots and in one of these you would see his hand intertwined with that of the Australian dancer:

“Dustin finds love. For a few weeks he has been close to the professional Angelo Recchia, in fact it is said that the two would have started a particular acquaintance already during the evening phase. In a shot you can see that he is hand in hand with Dustin, best wishes to this new couple”

Angelo Recchia took part in the talent show Friends and then became one of the professionals starting from January 2018. At the moment, however, neither of the two students has confirmed or denied their attendance, therefore, we just have to wait for further details.

Amici 23, Dustin and his life outside of talent: “I will stay in Italy”

Guest after the final of Friends 23 to Verissimo, Dustin shared what his plans will be after the program. Like Isobel Kinnear before him, too Dustin Taylor comes from Australia and as the professional of Friends of Maria De Filippi he also has an extraordinary talent for dancing.

The dancer revealed to Silvia Toffanin that he arrived in Italy 8 months ago, in time for the program, but that he had not yet seen anything of our country.

Although he was unable to see his family for all the months he spent in the program, Dustin revealed that he has no intention of returning to Australia, but that he would like to study dance here in Italy:

“I would like to stay in Italy, create a new life for myself, learn with the dance masters here. New country and new life”

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