Nikita Pelizon closes with Antonella Fiordelisi: “She was never there”

They were the protagonists of one of the most solid friendships born in Big Brother VIPbut their breakup was also among the most talked about after the conclusion of the seventh season of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Nikita Pelizon it’s back to sting Antonella Fiordelisi and their relationship abruptly ended, explaining that she was hurt by the behavior of her former friend and roommate. Let’s find out What he said And all the details.

Nikita Pelizon very hard against Antonella Fiordelisi

After the abrupt break at the end of the Big Brother VIP 7, Nikita Pelizon And Antonella Fiordelisi they have not spared themselves more or less direct barbs over the last year. There end of friendship It was stormy to say the least between the two former Vippone girls, with constant jabs and scathing comments on social media and elsewhere. During a long interview recently given to SuperGuidaTvNikita returned to talking about Antonella, lashing out harshly against her ex-roommate.

I personally don’t like it when a person who works with social media uses them instead of helping a friend to throw even more mud at her” declared the Trieste influencer, who openly attacked her ex-friend for what happened on social media at the time of their argument: “Knowing Antonella and knowing perfectly how much time she spends on social media and the way she uses them and how good she is at doing his job, personally I don’t accept apologies sent via WhatsApp messages knowing that he had turned 200 thousand people against me in a moment of media damage”

The winner of Big Brother VIP 7 he did not spare Antonella: “She wasn’t there in those days, she didn’t look for me to ask me how I was and she wasn’t there to answer my calls. However, she was there on social media to make fun of me and to send me further hatred“. Nikita has closed to a possible reopening and, indeed, has put an end to the relationship with the ex Vippona by vowing that she is not willing to forgive her: “Friendship for me is something completely different. I don’t even think about recovering this friendship“.

During the interview Nikita Pelizon also spoke about the dangerous domestic accident who forced her to rush to the emergency room after losing consciousness and bleeding a lot from a fall down the stairs: “I was very scared. I ended up there and came back here and I haven’t told it on social media yet. Evidently It wasn’t my time and I’m still here. I still have to undergo some checks but it’s better now.”

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