“It was the path I had imagined”

Dario Cassini is eliminated from the Island of the Famous in the May 26th episode. The castaway had arrived just under two weeks ago, but he had already confessed that he was certain that he would not make it to the end.

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Dario Cassini is the eliminated player on the Island of the Famous of May 26th. The competitor was eliminated after the challenge with other competitors with him in nominations saved by the public: Artur Dainese, Linda Morselli, Karina Sapsai and Edoardo Franco. The announcement of the elimination came from a boat where Cassini himself was, together with Karina Sapsai and Edoardo Franco. From the studio Vladimir Luxuria first announced Franco’s rescue, and then revealed Karina’s.

Cassini’s words after the elimination

Cassini’s first words after the announcement of the elimination: “Thank you because a life spent for the public, it’s nice to give laughter, we don’t save lives but we make them happier for a few hours. This was the path I had set myself and as you know I wouldn’t have missed the chance to watch some studio episodes to understand how it works. I return to my son Raffaele, the only thing that matters in my life“.

Dario Cassini arrived on the island in mid-May

Dario Cassini he had arrived on the Island of the Famous less than two weeks ago, together with the influencer and television face Linda Morselli and the Russian model Karina Sapsai, who survived the televoting against Cassini. These are the three names chosen to give new life to the reality show which is having great ratings difficulties this season.

Edoardo Franco shaved himself clean on the Island of the Famous, the sacrifice for the good of the group

Cassini himself, in recent days, had candidly told the island’s cameras that he was quite sure he wouldn’t be able to get to the end of the competition. However, his intention was to be able to fit into the dynamics of the group of castaways in order to create a bit of havoc before leaving. At the time of the elimination, the reaction from the studio, particularly from the commentators, was one of disappointment, precisely because of the belief that Cassini could be able to give something more in these last weeks of Isola.

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