The widow Attanasio: “No to the death penalty for Luca’s killers”

A decided no to the death penalty for the five people who ended up in the dock for the murder in Congo of the Limbiatese ambassador Luca Attanasio. And the request of the widow Zakia Seddiki Attanasio who, through the Mama Sofia Foundation, which she presides over, asks to spare the lives of those who killed her husband and to choose theoption of prison instead of capital punishment. A stance that goes against the tide and testifies once more to the moral depth of a family deeply affected by the act of bloodshed and which, however, does not want to add new pain to the pain.

Commemoration Luca Attanasio: his wife Zakia Seddiki

Luca Attanasio’s widow is moving at every level

That of the widow Attanasio is not a simple statement released to the newspapers: through the Government it is trying to mobilize at every level to avoid execution against the bombers who had killed her husband, but also the carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci and the driver Mustafa Milambo. Not only that: the widow, again through the Mama Sofia Foundation, has also launched a petition on the well-known platform to raise public awareness, so that it too participates in the request to replace the death penalty with years to be served in prison.

Zakia Seddiki Attanasio: “Luca was a good man, he was against the death penalty”

I regretfully welcomed the request for the death penalty for the defendants in the ongoing trial in Kinshasa for the murders of Luca, Vittorio and Mustafaexplains Zakia Seddiki Attanasio -. Luca was a good man, moved by deep humanitarian motivations and very high ideals and was absolutely against the death penalty. We had often talked about it and I would like to testify to it now, in the face of this request for a death sentence. We ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was his home, and the Italian Embassy in Kinshasa, the civil party in the process, to pass on our wish, this appeal, to whoever will have to issue the judgment. Luca would have wanted just that”.

An image from the “Mama Sofia” website, with Luca Attanasio and Zakia Seddiki

Appeal of Luca Attanasio’s widow to all the web people: “Your signature against the death penalty”

L’the appeal of the widow Attanasio is for all the people of the web: “Through the Mama Sofia association, conceived and strongly desired by Luca – he writes publicly -, I ask you to add your signature against the death penalty in this process and more generally in the world. I am convinced that it is the right way to honor Luca’s memory and to promote those ideals of love for humanity which he has always inspired”. There The Mama Sofia Foundation was established precisely with the aim of urging national and international institutions, governments and organizations to guarantee respect for human rights, civil, social and political of each individual. The request to say no to the death penalty is fully consistent with the aims of the foundation, but it is certainly striking that it is the widow herself who is decisively leading this battle to spare the lives of those who killed her husband. The online petition is booming. When it was launched, the goal was to reach 1,000 subscriptions, but the quota was quickly exceeded.

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