Accident on the Flaminia in Gualdo Tadino, singer Catia Calisti loses her life. VIDEO

A Saturday that is stained with blood along the Flaminia Nuova state road, immediately after the Gaifana junction in the direction of Gualdo Tadino, due to an accident with a deceased person.

The person who lost her life due to a head-on collision was a 57-year-old woman, Catia Calisti, resident in Gualdo Tadino, who died due to the serious injuries sustained in the accident. She is a well-known face in the city, she is a popular singer, she made her debut on Rai with , today she was an esteemed teacher at the Storelli institute.

According to a first and partial reconstruction of what happened, carried out by rescuers, the accident involved two cars, causing the death of one person and the injury of two others.

The Gaifana Fire Brigade team intervened promptly at the scene of the accident, where they worked to extricate the two injured people who were on board a Toyota Yaris. The injured are two women: one aged 70 and the other 50 years old, both residents of Rome. The first was transported to Branca hospital, while the second was transported to Foligno hospital to receive the necessary medical treatment.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the rescuers, Catia, who was on board the other car involved, died due to the serious injuries sustained in the accident.

In addition to the firefighters, 118 and the police were also on site: the competent authorities are now engaged in investigations to determine the exact causes of the accident.

The VIDEO is at the link here

Gubbio/Gualdo Tadino
06/22/2024 5.40pm
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