“Tiziana Semerano” international school theater competition: the second edition begins

The “Tiziana Semerano” International School Theater Competition will begin next Monday 27 May, continuing until Friday 31, promoted by the “Pepe-Calamo” high school of Ostuni and the Steinhof Theater Association – La casa di Pietra, in collaboration with the Tiziana Semerano Foundation, the Municipality of Ostuni, the Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of the Southern Murgia and private sector companies.

Now in its second edition, the event will see, in the enchanting setting of the Amphitheater of Santa Maria d’Agnano, a succession of shows produced by scholastic and non-school workshops, Italian and foreign, selected by a public tender, recognizable for their creative, educational proposal and cultural, as well as for the ethical and social value of the themes conveyed.

«The exhibition» explains Alessandro Fiorella, who together with Isabella Ayroldi, is responsible for the Artistic Direction «returns the theater to its original value: a global space where imaginative and concrete acts are invoked, open to comparison and the relationship between creative microcosms defined by ‘inventiveness and expressiveness of children, teachers and experts”.

The days of the event are full of events, all with free admission and open to citizens; in fact, there will not only be the staging of shows by each participant in the competition, but also the experience of seminars, workshops, reflection talks and moments of aggregation, knowledge of the host place through urban and extra-urban excursions and walks .

«Not just a competition» declares the Headmaster of the “Pepe-Calamo” High School, Professor Salvatore Madaghiele, «but a real path of personal and collective growth, which is achieved through listening to oneself and others. A path that finds its place of choice in theatrical activity; proof of this are some of our former students who, starting from the Officina del Sole, the “Calamo” laboratory, have built their own work in the world of culture and entertainment and will return to tell the story in these days. Among them Dario Sardelli, writer, television author and screenwriter, the musician Irene Cavallo and the actress Noemi Greco.”

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