The world’s super rich, 15 of them have over 100 billion dollars in assets Gazzetta di Reggio

The world’s super rich, 15 of them have over 100 billion dollars in assets Gazzetta di Reggio
The world’s super rich, 15 of them have over 100 billion dollars in assets Gazzetta di Reggio

MILAN The super rich in the world exist and there are 15 of them whose assets are around 100 billion dollars. This is what he spread Bloomberg Billionaire Index. This is a daily ranking of the richest people in the world. Details on the calculations are provided in the net worth analysis on each billionaire’s profile page. Data is updated at the close of each trading day in New York. Figures unimaginable for mere mortals. To get an idea of ​​what they mean, let’s try to compare them with the GDP of Emilia Romagna which is equal to approximately 177 billion euros (Istat data for 2022). Here, “dollar plus dollar minus” corresponds to the assets of Elon Musk (188 billion dollars), which is in third place…

At the top of the ranking, there is the Frenchman Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH, world leader in the luxury sector (pictured on the left), with over 220 billion in assets. Second place Jeff Bezos (pictured on the right) with 206 billion dollars, founder, owner and president of the Amazon group. Third place, as they said, for Elon Musk CEO and CTO of the aerospace company SpaceX, founder of The Boring Company, co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI, CEO and product architect of the multinational automotive company Tesla, owner and president of X, just to list some of his roles. He has assets of approximately 188 billion dollars.

Therefore, luxury in fashion (LVMH brings together the largest brands in the sector, Bulgari, Fendi, Luis Vuitton just to name a few) has undermined both the largest electrical store in the world (Amazon) and Musk’s electric car.

Going down the ranking we find Mark Zuckerberg founder, president and CEO of Meta (aka Facebook) with $168 billion; fifth place for Larry Page founder of Google with 155 billion dollars, follows Bill Gates founder of Microsoft with 154 billion dollars. Also among the new entries Fracoise Bettencourt Meyersheir to the L’Oreal empire: she is 15th with 99.9 billion dollars in assets.

However, technology continues to reign supreme. And among the top 15 super rich, 10 are Americans.

To find an Italian you need to go down to 34th place. I am Giovanni Ferrero and family with 41.2 billion dollars in assets for the owner of Ferrero, a confectionery company born in Alba and famous throughout the world for its products, see the Nutella.

The richest woman in Italy and among the richest in the world, even if she is not included in this ranking, it should be remembered that she is Massimiliana Landini Aleotti. Together with her children, she inherited the pharmaceutical giant Menarini (based in Florence) upon the death of her husband Alberto Aleotti in 2014. With an estimated wealth of 7.5 billion dollars, she is in 350th place in the Forbes ranking. Alberto Sergio Aleotti was born in Quattro Castella in Reggio Emilia on 4 March 1923. He was general director of the “Farmacie Comunali Riunite” of Reggio Emilia. He became the expert for the establishment of numerous municipal pharmacies in various cities. Later, he became general director of the Menarini pharmacological company.

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