Gianna Nannini, here’s what illness really affected the singer: from the Netflix film to reality

Gianna Nannini, here’s what illness really affected the singer: from the Netflix film to reality
Gianna Nannini, here’s what illness really affected the singer: from the Netflix film to reality

Finally, after some time and much publicity, the film dedicated to the extraordinary life of Gianna Nannini, “Sei Nell’Anima”, is available on Netflix. A story that covers thirty years of career as it follows thethe journey from her childhood to her consecration as one of the most revolutionary and rebellious artists of Italian music.

Directed by Cinzia TH Torrinithe film is based on the autobiography of Nannini, “Cazzi mie”, published in 2016. A book that offers an unfiltered look at the singer’s life, showing joys and tragedies, revealing the deep roots of her personality and her music.

Gianna Nannini lived an intense and controversial life, characterized by moments of rebellion and authenticity. 1983, the year in which she achieved great success with the album “Latin Lover”, is considered a fundamental turning point in her career.

The film also tells about more moments dark things about Nannini’s life. Many fans and spectators wondered what the mysterious illness talked about in the film was, and Gianna herself confessed to having experienced difficult moments related to cocaine addictions and a health problem that made her feel “crazy“.

Gianna Nannini’s illness

The particular visions that Nannini has in the film leave room for many questions. Could they be linked to her mysterious illness? Only now, thanks to some revelations from the singer herself, the secret has been revealed: the secret revealed: Gianna Nannini suffered from schizophrenia.

The singer also openly spoke about her drug problems, confessing that she had been one addict for several years. In fact, you declared in a recent interview: “They brought cocaine to the studio with the same ease with which they would deliver a sandwich to you today. Except heroin, I’ve tried them all. I was never without cocaine. I was traveling there, I was completely unconscious.”

The film Sei nell’anima –

Music and Unruliness

When the artist confessed about her OUT period due to schizophrenia, she let herself go a personal revelation that highlighted the moments of profound crisis and fear he experienced: “Everyone tells me I’m crazy, but I just think that when you are yourself you seem crazy. Madness is something else. I have experienced it and I have also experienced schizophrenia. I know what I am. I happened to die and then be reborn.

These words spoken by the aartist bring out a dark but also very human side of the famous artista, who faced his personal battles with courage and determination. The film “Sei Nell’Anima” offers an intimate and profound look at the life of Gianna Nannini, showing her journey from darkness to light, through music and her inner strength. A journey that has inspired millions of people and can now be shared with public thanks to Netflix.

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