Who is Chiara Bontempi, wife of the champion Gianmarco Tamberi

Who is Chiara Bontempi, wife of the champion Gianmarco Tamberi
Who is Chiara Bontempi, wife of the champion Gianmarco Tamberi

Gianmarco Tamberi won yet another title by winning the gold medal in the high jump at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. The athlete is married to Chiara Bontempi.

Chiara Bontempi is the wife of Gianmarco Tamberi. Born in 1995, since 2009 she has been linked to the champion who won the gold medal in the high jump at the Athletics World Championships in Budapest. Last year, the two got married in a romantic ceremony held in Pesaro.

Who is Chiara Bontempi, the wife of Gianmarco Tamberi

Chiara Bontempi, born in 1995, is originally from Ancona. Her mother owns a home improvement store, Blanc Mariclo. Chiara has a brother named Piefrancesco. In 2019, after graduating from Verona, her life was divided between Milan and Rome for work. Chiara Bontempi has always supported her current husband, in the most important stages of his sports career, encouraging him even when the road became more tortuous. Tamberi, when he won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, dedicated the victory to his beloved Chiara:

I thank all those who have supported me and above all Chiara, who has often put my ambitions before everything else to allow me to get this far.

The wedding of Gianmarco Tamberi and Chiara Bontempi

Gianmarco Tamberi and Chiara Bontempi became husband and wife in September 2022, at Villa Imperiale in Pesaro. Let’s retrace their love story, which began in 2009. They met when they were still teenagers, but an affinity was immediately triggered between them that has never failed. Shortly before leaving for the Tokyo Olympics, Gianmarco Tamberi made a romantic marriage proposal to his girlfriend:

There is only one last thing I absolutely had to do before leaving for my Olympics. I wanted to show you that you are absolutely the most important thing in my life, much more important than any of my dreams or goals… I love you my love.

And of course she immediately said yes: “I can’t find the words…The emotion is so much that I still can’t believe it. I love you my infinite love. I would say yes to you every single day“. And in 2022 they got married.

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