Loredana Molinari and Maurizio Bucciarelli, mother and son united even in death

CHIARAVALLE The neighbors hadn’t seen them go out for days. No noise. They only smelled a nauseating odor coming from the apartment on the first floor of…

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CHIARAVALLE The neighbors hadn’t seen them go out for days. No noise. They only smelled a nauseating odor coming from the first floor apartment in Via Gramsci 20, in Chiaravalle, inhabited by an elderly mother and her only child. When the firefighters forced open the French window on the terrace yesterday afternoon, the scene that unfolded before their eyes was terrible. On the ground there were two corpses in an advanced state of decomposition. The bodies of Maurizio Bucciarelli, 55, and his mother Loredana Molinari, 78, were found in the room, a short distance from each other, in a prone position.


They found their death in an armored house, locked from the inside, with the shutters down and the windows closed. The silence that triggered the alarm of the neighbors in a building a stone’s throw from the historic center of the town that was the birthplace of Maria Montessori hid a story of pain and desperation. The investigative hypothesis of the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Jesi, who intervened on site with the public prosecutor Ruggiero Dicuonzo, is that it may have been a murder-suicide. That is, that Bucciarelli, a bank employee, may have shot his elderly mother to death and then taken her life. But we need feedback, too early to reach conclusions that could be refuted by medical-legal investigations.

The injuries

Signs of violence were found on both bodies, including some stab wounds and copious blood loss. Injuries to the woman’s head were also found. But, due to the state of decomposition of the corpses, further tests will be needed to define the causes of death and the sequence of fatal blows. Was it a fit after a violent argument, or a gesture dictated by desperation and the desire to die together? The investigations of the investigators, including forensic experts and the medical examiner, continued until late in the evening. The carabinieri listened for a long time to the tenants of the building in via Gramsci. They hadn’t heard from the 55-year-old and his mother for about a week. A reserved family but described as very united, even closer after the death of the 78-year-old’s husband. Bucciarelli worked in a bank, her mother was retired: she went out very little, only to go shopping or to the laundry. Also because she struggled to walk. Yesterday afternoon, in particular, it was the neighbor next door who called the firefighters. The suspicion that something serious had happened was too strong. In the morning, the Bucciarellis’ maid had gone to their house. Finding it closed and unable to enter, she left. After all, the door had been locked from the inside. No signs of forced entry were found. In the afternoon, around 6pm, the dramatic discovery. Which the prosecutor’s office will now have to investigate. An autopsy should already be held today on both bodies, taken to the morgue of the Torrette hospital. The house was seized.

Gianluca Fenucci

Stefano Rispoli



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