Mercedes G 580: the myth gets the shock

FOR THE FIRST TIME ALSO ELECTRIC – 45 years after the debut of the first series, for the Mercedes G-Class a new chapter opens: freshly updated in look (here to find out more), in on-board technology and engines, the latest generation model of the great German 4×4 is now also available in the electric G 580.

THE REVOLUTION IS UNDER THE “SKIN” – “Tough” and square, the bodywork of the Mercedes G 580 electric it is practically identical to that of its “sisters” with petrol and diesel engines: it changes in the mask (which is completely closed, but if desired it can also be had with the four horizontal slats like that of the versions with thermal engine), in the bonnet (slightly less squared, to reduce aerodynamic resistance a little) and in the spare wheel holder, which turns into a vain in which to store the cables for the recharge of the lithium ion battery. “Bundled” between the crosspieces and side members of the frame, the modules of the latter have been designed to resist the stresses typical of off-road driving. Furthermore, accumulators are protected from impacts from a carbon fiber plate and are completely waterproof. So much so that, according to the company, it allows the car to cross bodies of water up to 85 centimeters deep, i.e. 10 more than the G-Class with the combustion engine.

PROMISES SPARKLES IN “OFF-ROAD” – The all-wheel drive of the Mercedes G 580 electric is obtained with four engines to current, one per wheel, and which they supply in all 587 HP (two more than the AMG sports version powered by the twin-turbo petrol V8). Their management is entrusted to a system of “torque vectoring” which takes into account various parameters, including, for example, the speed of the vehicle, the steering angle and the inclination of the terrain: a software advanced, in practice, deals with managing the with precision and speed driving torque sent to each wheel, in order to guarantee the best possible grip. The house is about “off-road” skills exceptional, even superior to those of the traditional versions, with which the G-Class “on tap” has shared the severe test program which since 1979 has included, among other things, climbing Mount Schöckl 336 times, the impervious mountain about 14 km from Graz, the city in Austria where the G-Class was born and is still produced today.

DESIGNED TO ALWAYS GET AWAY – In the Mercedes G 580 Electric, therefore, the three lockable differentials typical of specialized 4x4s disappear. The characteristic buttons in the central console from which they would be managed, however, remain in their place, despite having another function. One button, in particular, when pressed allows the car to rrotate on itself when stationary on surfaces with poor grip: as well as being very scenic, the “turn” can prove useful in off-road driving (for example, it allows you to reverse the direction of travel on the spot). There independent management Furthermore, the electric motors allow the rear axle to be moved; the turning diameter is reduced and, when moving diagonally, the car turns tighter, which helps a lot when tackling particularly narrow passages made treacherous by the presence of obstacles such as rocks or trees.

IT WILL ARRIVE SOON. AND IT WILL NOT BE CHEAP – The Mercedes G 580 electric It will arrive in our dealerships shortly after the petrol and diesel versions, expected during the summer. The estimated starting price is approx 180,000 euros.


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