Vast fire in the Randello Reserve: “We are saddened”

New fire inside the Randello Reserve of Santa Croce Camerina, in the province of Ragusa: civil protection operators and firefighters went into action to put out the flames. The mayor also expressed concern about what happened, thanking the operators who worked for several hours to extinguish the fire.

The summer season has not yet begun, but the fire emergency – unfortunately – seems to have already begun. The cases of Monterosso Almo and that of Santa Croce Camerina demonstrate this.

Vast fire in the Randello Reserve

From 2.30 pm to approximately 9 pm on Friday 19 April 2024, two firefighting operational teams took part in the extinguishing operations of the Randello Reserve, where a fire had been underway for more than 48 hours. forest fire.

The teams operated in support of the fire brigade personnel and with other teams of volunteers from the municipalities of Ragusa (Emergency Operational Group 837 OdV, Municipal Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of Ragusa, OVPC-209), Vittoria (Civil Protection “G. Caruano” 107 Vittoria), Acate (PROCIVIS-1271) Chiaramonte Gulfi (Gruppo Alfa Regione Sicilia) and Monterosso Almo (Rangers Europa- Civil Protection-Monterosso Almo), supported by the CAN 7 and CAN 12 air assets coming from the logistics base of Lamezia Terme , as well as by the tankers of the Forestry Corps of the Sicilian Region.

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“The strong wind which has arisen again in the last few hours is, unfortunately, fueling the fire within the Randello Reserve and the air of our city is also affected. We are very grieve for the flames that are devouring a priceless natural heritage such as the Reserve and the deepest thanks go to all the operators who have been working day and night in the last 48 hours to put out the flames. The firefighting team of the Municipal Civil Protection Group of Santa Croce is also actively operating on site and our support and gratitude go to them. We hope that the weather conditions will improve so that the flames can be put out and the great heritage that constitutes the Reserve can be preserved”, wrote on social media the mayor Giuseppe Dimartino.

The ordinance

A few days ago, the Municipality of Santa Croce Camerina had issued a specification against the fire emergency order. This is a series of “important and necessary provisions for those who hold public or private land throughout the municipal territory, for those who own free areas not yet built within the urban perimeter and for the owners or managers of agricultural companies there are obligations to be respected” in order to avoid fires.

Photo source: Peppe Dimartino Mayor


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