Swimming, Luca De Tullio and Carini fly to Paris! Lamberti sets an Italian record, Pilato and Quadarella do well at Settecolli

Swimming, Luca De Tullio and Carini fly to Paris! Lamberti sets an Italian record, Pilato and Quadarella do well at Settecolli
Swimming, Luca De Tullio and Carini fly to Paris! Lamberti sets an Italian record, Pilato and Quadarella do well at Settecolli

The curtain has fallen on the second day of the 2024 Settecolli Trophy Finals in swimming. In the tub Foro Italico findings to underline with many Italians engaged in the capital’s swimming poollooking for confirmations before Paris Olympics he was born in pass to Five Circles in some cases.

The Swede wins in the women’s 100 dolphin Louis Se Hansson in 57.34 it took second place compared to the very notable improvement of Viola Scotto Di Carlo, third in 57.87 (previous record of 58.49). A time that could earn her Olympic qualification, as she was below World Aquatics standards.

Another race and another surprise. Fantastic 200 dolphin’s Giacomo Cariniwho also shattered his record and reached the plate in 1:54.34 (0.06 from the Italian record of Federico Burdisso and fifth world performance of the season). A very notable result for him who will be in the city of Lovers. Behind him a Burdisso who cannot be satisfied with his 1:55.20 and the lack of presence at the Games, while personal for Alessandro Ragaini (3rd in 1:56.28).

In the women’s 100 backstroke, few lights for the Italians, with Federica Toma to excel among the representatives of the Bel Paese in 1:01.27, in the race in which the Netherlands were masters: victory by Kira Toussaint in 1:00.13 ahead of Maaike de Waard (1:00.33). Far behind Margherita Panziera (seventh in 1:01.58). In the men’s 50m backstroke, pure spectacle Michele Lamberti capable of equaling the Italian record of Thomas Ceccon (24.40), putting his hand right in front of the Venetian (24.55). The Brazilian was third Basseto (24.86).

In the women’s 400 medley, second place for Sara Franceschi in 4:38.77, preceded by Irish Ellen Walshe (4:37.18) and ahead of the reigning world champion, Freya Colbert (4:40.15). Tuscany has already qualified for the Games and is eager to be seen at an international level. Not so convincing performance, however, for Pier Andrea Matteazzi (5th in 4:16.98) in the men’s race dominated by a great man Daiya Seto (4:09.68).

In the women’s 100 freestyle the Swede Sarah Sjoestroem he demonstrated once again how classy his swim is and his 52.57 (meet record) was a remarkable time. Very good Sofia Morini, fifth in touch with her personal best of 53.92, second woman in Italy to break the 54″ wall. Another record of the event was in the men’s 100 freestyle race signed by Alessandro Miressi. The Turin native had the satisfaction of beating the Briton Matthew Richard (48.45), but he would have liked to swim a 47″ time, while the stopwatch gave him 48.08. Of course, this is not the event to be at 100% and therefore…

In the women’s 50m breaststroke Benedetta Pilatoafter the splendid time of 100, she confirmed herself with a new result under 30″ (29.71) ahead of the Swede Sophie Hansson (30.68) e Lisa Angiolini (30.70). The Apulian woman was marvelous in her way of swimming, especially from the second 25 meters onwards. The same way as Benny Nicolò Martinenghi. Tete he replied present and his 26.65 was noteworthy in the only breaststroke pool ahead of Ludovico Viberti (26.80) and others Simone Cerasuolo (27.05). Fourth Adam Peaty (27.16).

At the end of the program the smiles of Simona Quadarella they irradiated the Roman basin. Another duel with the German Isabel Gose and once again the Italian triumphed in the women’s 800 freestyle with a great time of 8:18.95 (event record) ahead of the Teutonic (8:19.70) and the other German Leonie Martens (8:27.92). Germany took revenge in the men’s 800 freestyle, won with a great time Lukas Maertens in 7:43.52. Excellent though too Luca De Tullio, who with his personal best of 7:45.80 (second in the end) guaranteed his presence at the Games. The Irishman completed the podium Daniel Wiffen (7:46.83). Also competing Gregorio Paltrinieri, absolutely not in condition due to the efforts in the open waters in Belgrade. For the Carpi native an 8:02.98 (ninth time).

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