half of the 1st set without a break


3-3 Ace, Koepfer’s 1st and the match.

A-40 First winner.

40-40 Splendid back passer at Koepfer’s feet, well done.

30-40 The forehand attack after the excellent response! Backhand passer into the net by the German! Break point!

30-30 Free error with a comfortable forehand from Koepfer.

30-15 Service and forehand.

15-15 Forehand attack that finds the tape and comes out of Musetti.

0-15 Forehand error by Koepfer.

3-2 Winning service.

A-40 Well advancing closing with the Musetti smash!

40-40 The blue’s forehand attack is not very incisive, passing through the backhand feet of Koepfer who then nimbly closes with the forehand.

40-30 Service and easy dampening by Musetti.

30-30 Great forehand along the winning line by Koepfer. First time anyone gets to 30 in response.

30-15 Excellent point in progression of the blue with the forehand and net closure.

15-15 Musetti, waiting, has no impact with his forehand. This time the backhand down the line is on the post.

0-15 The tape keeps the German’s backhand inside, who then collects the defense in the net after the forehand down the line.

2-2 First winner.

40-15 Winning shot by Koepfer.

30-15 Inside out left-handed to gain ground and close with the comfortable cross-court forehand.

15-15 Double fault (1st).

15-0 Incisive forehand from the German left-hander. Extreme backhand down the line into the net.

2-1 The Carrarino at fifteen.

40-15 Wide backhand along the line.

40-0 Another backhand error on the second.

30-0 First winner!

15-0 Koepfer doesn’t respond with a backhand to the second.

1-1 The German goes to fifteen.

40-15 Inconclusive free forehand by Koepfer.

40-0 With the first the German.

30-0 Dampened and comfortable Koepfer closure.

15-0 The blue works excellently with the slice, attracts the German to the net who defends himself well.

1-0 Excellent forehand cross from the blue. Not very grassy but very effective.

40-15 Service and blessing Musetti.

30-15 Koepfer doesn’t respond with a backhand on the second.

15-15 The German’s left-handed forehand hits the net.

0-15 Koepfer aggressive backhand.

Lorenzo Musetti serving

11.03 For those who win, a difficult quarter-final against the winner between Hamad Medjedovic and Alexander Bublik.

Players on the field!

10.54 Yesterday’s victory represents an excellent debut in the grass season. Musetti defends the quarterfinals here, after which the second round at Queen’s and the 3rd round at Wimbledon. That’s 170 points in total, considering that he has already scored 20 of them.

10.51 The German is number 69 in the virtual world, the Italian is 30th. However, the difference is canceled out on grass, given that Koepfer is equipped with a tennis suited to lawns with his left-handed serve and his treacherous trajectories.

10.45 Yesterday, a double tie-break to get the better of the “big servers” Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard. An excellent debut for the Tuscan, if we think that both decisive games were won by 11 points to 9.

10.40 Here we are! In about 20 minutes on the pitch Musetti and Koepfer. The blue is trying to give himself the first quarter-final in the major circuit since September 2023.

Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live broadcast of the 2nd round match of the ATP 250 in Stuttgart between Lorenzo Musetti and Dominik Koepfer.

The home player is tough. Left-handed, equipped with a counterattack tennis but also made of descents to the net and good manual skills, beating the number 67 in the virtual world would be an excellent blow for the blue, who is still chasing the first quarter-final of the season. The latter which has regained some color in recent months, with the final at the Challenger in Cagliari, the one in Turin and above all the 3rd round in Paris in which it put the then world no.1 in serious difficulty. The quarter-finals at ATP level have been missing since September 2023, when the Italian surrendered in the 250 in Chengdu to Safiullin in the penultimate act.

This tournament saw Musetti push to the quarterfinals in 2023. On that occasion he surrendered to Frances Tiafoe in a very balanced match against the reigning champion on German grass. Yesterday Musetti prevailed over the emerging Frenchman Giovanni Mpetshi-Perricard after two incredible tie-breaksboth won 11 points to 9. The blue player did not concede a break, nor did his opponent, an authentic big server. The victory represents an excellent debut in the grass season, which could bring joy to a tennis player who can adapt to it excellently, let’s think about the 3rd round of Wimbledon which he will defend in 20 days.

All that remains is to wish you a good continuation with the Live broadcast of the 2nd round match of the ATP 250 in Stuttgart between Lorenzo Musetti and Dominik Koepfer. We leave at 11!

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