“It’s all fantastic, I’m happy anyway after tennis”

The Swiss champion Roger Federer will certainly be remembered as one of the most successful tennis players ever and as one of the most loved athletes, probably the most loved in the history of this sport.

Roger retired a few years ago but fans from all over the world still remember his exploits and shower him with praise for what he did in his career. Speaking to Extra, ‘The King’ spoke on the occasion of his documentary and commented on his life after retiring from tennis, here are his words: “After retiring everything went as expected, I can say that it was Fantastic.

It’s true, I’ve been unlucky with knee problems but this has helped me recently understand what my life would have been like without tennis. I spend more time at home, I have four children, two sets of twins aged 14 and 10 and we have a lot of fun.

We have traveled all over the world, we have fun and of course I help them with school and this part of my life is wonderful. Goodbye to tennis? I always thought that my career could end at any moment due to injury and in my head I always said ‘It’s just tennis’

Every time I won a match or a tournament I tried to remember it, I knew it could be the last time. You always have to make a life outside of tennis because in the end there will always be a time when you are no longer a tennis player.

This mentality helped me a lot and certainly favored my process towards saying goodbye to this sport.” Federer then speaks to that boy who years ago was a ball boy and became the history of this sport: “I would tell the young Roger to prepare for a great life, many times in the spotlight and a life where I will have a lot of fun.

I am happy to have managed to last so long in front of the tennis public and on the most important courts in the world. I honestly don’t think about the past, I think my career was better than I expected, I won a lot and I’m happy.”

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