“Booing Di Lorenzo? I didn’t like them, he doesn’t deserve them. We gave everything”

“Booing Di Lorenzo? I didn’t like them, he doesn’t deserve them. We gave everything”
“Booing Di Lorenzo? I didn’t like them, he doesn’t deserve them. We gave everything”

Alex Meret, Napoli goalkeeper, spoke to DAZN after the match against Lecce


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Alex MeretNapoli goalkeeper, spoke to the microphones of DAZN in the post-match with Lecce.

How have you experienced today’s climate? It wasn’t easy to isolate yourself
You’re right, even if let’s say that in the last period it’s been a bit like this for the season which certainly wasn’t positive. We had to be good at isolating ourselves and playing our game. I think we did it today too, we created lots of chances, we risked less than usual, just a few counterattacks in the first half. I think we won the match. Unfortunately we missed many goals today too, two woodblocks, and therefore this draw arrived which takes us nowhere. We are sorry, disappointed, everyone. But we have to look ahead now and get back up because next season awaits us in which we will certainly have to do much better“.

How do you accept boos at your captain Di Lorenzo?
No, I didn’t like them, but it was the whole context that led to these whistles. He definitely doesn’t deserve them, or at least we all deserve them. In the sense that we all had a season below expectations, it certainly wasn’t him who did worse than the others. We are a team, I didn’t like the boos because he was our championship captain. He played every match, he always did his best, he gave everything like all of us. Then unfortunately, when you give everything, the results don’t always arrive.”

A tribute to Zielinski and other companions has taken a back seat, thus closing a cycle
It’s sad to lose such an important player like Zielinski. I’ve known him for many years, he has incredible quality both in terms of football and as a person. He is a very good guy, he has always helped us. He deserved a different ending, but unfortunately we can’t do anything about it. I wish him the best of luck because he deserves it, he is truly a very strong footballer and a great person“.

Did Osimhen tell you something?
No Victor didn’t tell us anything. Today he tried to help us, unfortunately we weren’t able to score. We will see what the future will be soon“.

Heading to the European Championship now?
Yes now yes. He takes a break for a few days just to regain his energy. This other great adventure awaits us and we hope to be able to make all Italians happy“.

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