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Terrible end to the season for Napoli and the Azzurri fans continue with the protest outside Maradona: it’s happening right now.

The situation at home Naples it’s hot. The season has just ended and Napoli have failed yet another seasonal goal. Over the course of the year, Napoli did everything it was possible to do wrong. It was immediately clear that the championship won last year was just a distant memory.

During the year the Napoli alternated insufficient performances with indecent performances. Since the arrival of Rudi Garcìa, Napoli has collapsed. The change on the bench arrived, but there was no way to revive a negative season.

As time passed, all goals gradually evaporated. First Napoli missed the boat for the Club World Cup. Subsequently they dropped out of the race for the Champions League and the Europa League. Tonight’s conclusion is the logical consequence of a shameful season. The Azzurri fans have now decided to protest the team and the protest has continued outside the Maradona Stadium.

Protest from Napoli fans: it’s happening outside Maradona

The Napoli fans, despite the team’s difficulties during the season, have always supported the Azzurri to try to shake up the team.

The protest from Napoli fans continues: it is happening outside Maradona (LaPresse) – SpazioNapoli.it

Unfortunately it didn’t help and when the main objectives disappeared, the Napoli was very harshly contested by their fans. The protests went on for a few weeks and reached their conclusion today against Lecce.

At the end of the match, the protest continued outside the stadium. Curve Bin these very moments, is protesting outside the stadium with banners and chants. The fans also have several torches and their protest continues until the buses exit the Maradona stadium.

The protests of these minutes follow the great protest that took place during the match. The Azzurri fans had it out for everyone, both the players and Aurelio De Laurentiis. At the end of the match there were a lot of boos on the blue players who didn’t even go under the curve to say goodbye because they were rejected by the fans. The many players who were saying goodbye to Naples today, therefore, did not have the opportunity to do so properly, despite the scudetto won last year which should make them remain forever in the hearts of the Neapolitan people.

Article modified 26 May 2024 – 9.28pm

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