Lecce’s report cards – Unbeatable Baschirotto, Gendrey stops Kvara. Krstovic in the shadow

Lecce’s report cards – Unbeatable Baschirotto, Gendrey stops Kvara. Krstovic in the shadow
Lecce’s report cards – Unbeatable Baschirotto, Gendrey stops Kvara. Krstovic in the shadow

Final result: Napoli-Lecce 0-0

Falcone 6.5 – Masterfully protected by his defensive line, he lived in the first half almost as a non-paying spectator. More involved in the second, with two excellent interventions and as many occasions in which he was saved by the woodwork.

Gendrey 6.5 – Cautious performance on the right lane, where he contained Kvara with increasingly positive results as the match progressed.

Baschirotto 7 – Majestic in the center of the area, where it is practically never overtaken, thus preventing dangers from reaching Falcone. Olivera’s shot save in the second half was the icing on the cake.

Pongracic 6 – With Baschirotto he forms an extremely tough couple, who ends the year in the best possible way by neutralizing the fearsome Neapolitan attack.

Rooster 6 – A few more gallops in her range of competence compared to Gendrey, but in any case she generally tries more dedicated to the defensive phase. From 65′ Small 6 – As a centre-forward, he makes a greater contribution in the final meters than Krstovic. Dangerous in a couple of circumstances.

Blin 6.5 – A mastiff in the middle of the field, nipping the opponent’s maneuver in the bud. He is never at home on the level of intensity. From 77′ Oudin sv.

Ramadan 6.5 – In addition to initiating some Lecce restarts, he actively contributes to the containment of the Italian actions.

Berisha 6 – Of the Leccese trio in midfield he is the most enterprising element, with several good insertions up front. Better in the first half. From 77′ Rafia sv.

Almqvist 5.5 – We don’t see much in the last few meters, except for a break just before the break. From 56′ Gonzalez 6 – He provides freshness on the right, making himself visible mainly when not in possession.

Krstovic 5 – Complicated afternoon for the center forward, who also leaves the area in order to help the team and work some balls. From 56′ Pierotti 6 – Good impact on the match, despite not having an excessive number of opportunities to emerge.

Dorgu 6 – A train on the left, where it is increasingly treacherous. He had the best goal of the first 45 minutes, with a shot that chipped the post.

Luca Gotti 6.5 – With salvation already achieved, another satisfaction was gained by stopping the reigning Italian champions at a draw. An attentive team and sometimes even dangerous on the counterattack.

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