Formula 1, Ferrari in blue at the Miami Grand Prix, that’s why

Formula 1, Ferrari in blue at the Miami Grand Prix, that’s why
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There are still two weeks to go until the Miami Grand Prix, but the Ferrari has already announced an important innovation regarding the livery with which it will take to the track next Sunday 5 May: on the “Red” of Maranello, in fact, there will be two distinct shades of blue particularly dear to fans of the history of motor sport and in specific to the events of the Prancing Horse, namely the Azzurro La Plata and the Azzurro Dino.

Even if no shots of any kind have been anticipated, capable of making us understand what Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s SF-24 could look like, many on the web have started to fantasize and hypothesize how the two different colors could be combined. This special livery, which will be shown exclusively during the Miami Grand Prix weekend, is intended as a tribute to the United States of America, in the year in which the seventieth anniversary of Ferrari’s presence in the stars and stripes market occurs.

The Prancing Horse made its overseas debut in 1964, showing off a singular colour white and blue. The “historical” color of Italian cars in international car competitions has been red since the 1920s, but the single-seater of that year, however, won the world championship with its white and blue livery, which was used on the track in the last two races of the season, the United States Grand Prix and the Mexican Grand Prix. The 158 of John Surtees (who won with just one point ahead of Graham Hill) and Lorenzo Bandini were thus modified at the last minute by Enzo Ferrari, who wanted to take revenge on the federation for the lack of homologation of the 250 LM: the car, in fact, would have had to race in the Gran Turismo category, but was ultimately forced to compete with the prototypes. On those two occasions, the “Red” competed under the banner of the NART, North America Racing Team, with which the team already had a technical collaboration in place.

L’La Plata blue, of a not very intense shade, is the color of Argentina in international car competitions. A blue similar to the one that Alberto Ascari used to use for his suit and helmet, and which very closely resembles, for example, the color of the suits worn by drivers such as John Surtees and Chris Amon or by Niki Lauda himself in his first season in Ferrari.

L’Dino blue it is instead decidedly darker, and was worn for the last time by Clay Regazzoni in 1974, before the suits also definitively became red to match the livery of the single-seater.

While waiting to know the appearance of the SF-24, a series of events will start to celebrate the Italian car manufacturer starting from April 28th from Tennessee to Florida, where the long-awaited race will take place on May 5th.


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